A Man Can Avert His Own Destiny

A Man Can Avert His Own Destiny:

“Each man is the smith of his own fortune” (Appius Claudius)

This is a well-known saying of Roman Philosopher that shows that man is an architect of his own destination.Destiny is a quite colloquial term to all of us, that is usually defined as predetermined fate or an invincible necessity.It is true that the concept of predestination is right,but having blind belief in predetermination of things is futile and obnoxious. And this belief often causes the destruction of a man. This predestination of things is actually a test of man’s capabilities set by the Divine Power because he has granted this creature of universe with outstanding qualities. He has the stamina to face and avert every calamity. This is the beauty of destination that a man has to prove himself for its achievement. Those who have the fear of losing,do lose.Fortune is nothing in itself, this is only what a man does. A man can definitely avert his destiny, if he has an iron will; because his adamant determination can make his fortune bright. Destiny always bows itself before strong and brave people. Strength is not measured by physique, but by personal ethics and honesty, therefore, it is better to endure than to give up. Henry Miller has rightly said:

“We create our fate everyday we live”

There are certain factors that can help a person in averting his destination. These are as follows;

Firm Resolution Of A Person:

Firm resolution is considered a magical key in diverting the destiny of a man. The wavering condition of man and getting puzzled while taking decisions brings destruction of a person. The need is that he should set goals for himself and then stick to them. When he is having strong belief,nothing will hinder his success. Helen Keller has said:

   “Keep your face to the sunshine

                                                         And you can not see a shadow”

One must be optimistic. If failure comes,instead of losing heart he should go ahead;he should go ahead. Failure is like a ladder for going to height. One has to slip many times before reaching to destination. Sometimes a stage come when a person just want to give up the task, but it is his firm resolution that keeps him going. It makes him relentless urges him for doing work over day and night. There is a beautiful quote by Oprah Winfrey in this regard

“So go ahead

                Fall down.

                               The world looks different from the ground”

Hard Work:

It is said that “hard work is a key to success”. It plays a vital role in shaping the destination of a man. Those who sit idle and wait for happening of some miracle, always destroyed. Man is prone to make mistakes, he does wrong and blames his fortune. And these mistakes spoils his destiny in his later life. No one can undermine the role of hard work in shaping one’s bright destiny. Some people belong to ordinary families, they are not born with a golden spoon in their mouth. But a day comes, when they shine like bright stars because they make sensible use of their physical and mental capabilities. They do not get bother about their family background, their passion becomes their destination. We have many examples of such great people in history as well as in present age. These people worked over day and night and got an everlasting merit. For instance, Napoleon was an ordinary general but he built up an ideal empire in his life because he was a man of great vision and an ambitious person. Dr. Johnson became the greatest intellectual of his day through hard work. Similarly Newton used to forget even his meal, when he was working on a problem. His devotion and hard work made him the great mathematician of the world. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a lawyer by profession, but he proved himself as an exemplary leader.

Today Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are the greatest examples of successful persons, who have shaped their destiny according to their own will. Ralph Waldo Emerson has said;

“They   can conquer who believe they can”

Therefore, a man who does work hard finds the solution of all difficulties. He never feels downcast in failure rather his failures make him more strong, devoted and persistent. Consequently, he achieved his desired success because he always labours hard with consistency. He never looks at the close doors. According to Alexander Graham Bell;

When one door closes another door opens;

                  But we so often look so long and regretfully

upon the closed-door,

                                                        That we do not see the  ones which are open for us”

And our this type of attitude really spoils destination.One can avert his destiny when he struggles hard and tries to find new ways and sources for solving problems.

Proper Division Of Time:

Proper division of time is very essential for shaping a successful destination. This is law of Nature that sun rises and sets everyday, this is up to man how he makes use of this day and night time. If a man is sensible enough and recognizes his duties, he will surely improve and prosper in life. But if he does otherwise he has to repent. Life is nothing but it is a total sum of time. When we sow a seed at proper time, we will harvest an ideal crop. That is why , it is always said that it is a man himself who can either make or mar his destiny.

To put in nut shell, I would like to say that a man can avert his destiny, if he has a strategical mind and has belief in practicalism rather in fatalism. We can say man is a ruler of his realm who can exploit every source for shaping his bright destiny. And it is a false notion that fate creates everything. Here, I am not refusing the role plays by God, because God always puts one into a trial for polishing one’s potentials.  It is said;

“Heaven ne’er helps the man

                                                                     Who will not help himself”

Thus when a man works with strong resolution and an unshaken will, he can mould his destiny according to his own choice. Problems and difficulties are momentary, and therefore,a person must be devoted and enthusiastic, if he wants to shape out his destiny. Edward Gibbon is very right in saying that;

“The winds and waves are always on the side

                      of the ablest navigators”


History of English Literature

Literature in 19th Century (James Joyce)

Literature in 19th Century

Nineteenth century Millennium Literary works was very popular in its days. It was absolutely liked and became very essential during the Victorian Era. Many types and designs of composing prospered among the writers of this interval. Many different form of composing had interested the Victorians. Their was poems, Books, Enchanting Literary works, Sci-fi, Historical and Naturalism. An example of but a few. All of there have a much variations from each other.

With the rediscovery of traditional antiquity in rebirth ,the poems of Ovid became a much impact on the creativity of romantics and performers and stayed an essential impact on the diffusion and knowing of Historical greek belief through following hundreds of years. From the early years of rebirth, performers represented topics from Historical greek belief together with more traditional Religious designs among the best known topics of German performers are ,the brings of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Through the method of Latina and the works of Ovid, Historical greek belief affected medieval and rebirth romantics such as Petrarch, Boccaccio and Dante in Tuscany.

In north European countries, Historical greek belief never took the same hold of the visible artistry ,but its impact was very clear on literature. Both Latina and Historical greek traditional text messages were converted, so that experiences of belief became available. in The united kingdom, Chaucer, the Elizabethans and Bob Milton were among those affected by Historical greek misconceptions ;nearly all the much British romantics from Shakespeare to Bob Links converted for motivation to Historical Greek belief. Jean Racine in Portugal and Goethe in Malaysia improved Historical greek dilemma. Racine modified the standard misconceptions such as those of Phaidra,Andromache, Oedipus and Iphigenia to new goal.

The 1700s saw the philosophical trend of the Enlightenment propagate throughout European countries and associated with certain response against Historical greek belief ; there was a propensity to need on the medical and philosophical success of Portugal and The capital. The misconceptions, however, ongoing to offer an essential source of raw content for dramatists, such as those who had written the libretti for Handel’s operas Admeto and Semele and Mozart’s Idomeneo. By the end of a lifetime, romanticism started an increase of passion for all things Historical greek , such as Historical greek belief. In England, it was an excellent interval for new translations of Historical greek disasters and Homer, and these in turn motivated modern romantics, such as Keats ,Byron and Shelley. The Hellenism of queen’s Victoria poet laureate, Alfred master Tennyson, was such that even his images of the quintessentially British court of master Arthur are suffused with addresses of the Homeric epics. The visible artistry kept speed, triggered by the purchase of the Parthenon glass beads in 1816;; many of the “Greek” works of art of master Leighton and Lawrence Alma-Tadema were seriously approved as part of the indication of the indication of the Hellenic perfect.

American writers of the 1800s , such as Johnson Bulfinch and Nathaniel Hawthorne, considered that belief should offer satisfaction , and organised that the research of the traditional misconceptions was essential to the knowing of British and United states literature. In more the past few years , traditional designs have been reinterpreted by such considerable dramatists as gene Anouilh , Jean Cocteau and Jean Giraudoux in Portugal , Eugene O’Neil in The United States and T.S.Eliot in The united kingdom and by excellent writers such as the Irish James Joyce.


Young Habits Die Hard

Young Habits Die Hard:

“We become what we do repeatedly” (Sean Covey)

It has rightly been said,because when we do something frequently it becomes our habit.This constantly performed action engraved in personality and becomes difficult to withdraw. Young age is a period,when various habits are growing up in a child and habits formed in early age are hard to quit.Practicing good things make our life happy.We become role models when we indulge ourselves in good habits.Habitual action is a mechanical  process and usually instilled in us involuntarily.Young age is very sensitive period because at that time children are unaware about the outcomes of habits.They do things for fun.Later on,these habits become part of their life and are difficult to correct. Mark Twain states:

                                                “Everyone is a moon and has a dark side

                                                     which he never shows to anybody”

Habit is something like a nature and once a habit is formed we are completely at its mercy.We want to abandon bad habits but we can not because we have become the slaves of our wishes.A bad habit causes loss to oneself and disgusts others.Habit is like a seed.If we sow good seeds,we will reap the best crops.Otherwise the result will be vice versa.

Good Habits:

Good habits are inevitable for leading harmonious and successful life.Our good deeds make our surroundings pleasant and worth living.History is witness that all great people were having healthy habits. They were devoted,determined and passionate people.They did things with craze and used to spend their time in doing constructive things.Reading books is a very useful habit and one must cultivate it because it enhances our exposure towards the outer world.

And playing group sports is considered an ideal habit.This habit brings harmony and integrity in our social life.If the children had played together,the sense of co-operation would have been developed in them.Many other good habits also brought up in them like passion of sacrifice for each other,honesty,commitment and the courage to face difficult circumstances boldly etc.This will largely be helpful in the positive construction of personality.Good habits are like blooming flower.If we do not make practice of them,they will die.Habits are a recognition of a person,we are known in society with the reference of

what we do and think. John Ruskin has rightly said:

                                           “Tell me what you like and I will tell you what you are”

Development Of Good Habits:

Developing good habits is pretty difficult in the beginning.But with the passage of time,the work which seems to us difficult,becomes easy and we perform it with perfect ease.For instance,when a child is sent to school;he weeps and cries.But when he daily goes to school it becomes his routine work and he gets accustomed to it.And one day he achieves great success when his studies are accomplished.This habit helps him in becoming an ardent citizen of country as well.

Similarly,a lecturer is also gets confused on his very first day in class.He can not deliver his lecture properly and even he finds himself at a pinch while speaking.His voice shivers badly.But he grows bold when he performs this job daily.He becomes assertive,confident and achieves the facility of speech.It is habit which makes things easy and the pain of work vanishes away with it.These examples reveal that when we practice things with full devotion and good intentions,these are perfectly injected into our personality.These gradually developed habits make us the most prestigious and noble figure of society.

Bad Habits:

Bad habits have its own charm but these are always destructive and ruin the personality of a person.These habits kill the innovative aspect of one’s personality.These are those habits which are usually performed consciously.Mostly people indulge in bad habits at young age.They take the habits of drinking and smoking from their peer groups. They drink and smoke to show people their maturity and strength and they forget the fact that these habits are destroying their health badly.This impertinent activity results in severe health conditions in later life.These people have to suffer lung cancer and other lung related complications.

And drinkers become a burden on society.The habit of drinking paralyze them.Even they loss the sense of right and wrong.Their purpose of life dies and they spend their whole life in an everlasting lurch.They suffer from different diseases.This habit which they adopt in their childhood for making fun become a curse for their whole life.Nobody like to have relations with such people and even their own flesh and blood leave them alone.This loneliness and pain become their punishment.The anti social activities of childhood are often seem difficult to wipe out.A child learns the habits of lying,stealing,misbehaving with elders  and being stubborn at very early age.Resultantly he becomes a dangerous thief,a liar,immoral and known as a totally ignorant  person.He has to get embarrassed every where.Nobody gives him respect and he loses his prestige and becomes a notorious person.His heinous crimes bring disastrous  in society and he disturbs the peaceful life of people.


Habits Constitute The Character Of A Person:

The character of a person is essentially the product of his habits.Character is not formed by abrupt actions but it is rather a system of repeated actions.Therefore, it is emphasized that good habits be taught in early life. Samuel Smiles has said:

                                                             “Sow a thought,and you reap an act;

                                                               Sow an act,and you reap a habit;

                                                                Sow a habit,and you reap a character;

                                                                Sow a character ,and you reap a destiny.”

He means to say that our habits are our character and our character leads us towards destination.The desirable habits can build the character of a man in the best way.When we do things in compulsion,it is always harmful.Therefore,we should perform good habits for the building of an exemplary character.

Influential Elements In The Formation Of Habits:

There are many elements that play a vital role in forming good habits like family,environment,education and companions etc.Initially a child imitates its elders.As he grows up he moves in society and gets influenced from his companions.That is why it is said,man is largely a product of his surroundings and whatever happens around him has a great influence on him. Education is a crucial element as well in the formation of ideal habits.It helps ion moral purification of a child.Therefore,it is necessary to put a child in good environment.In this way he sees good things,he will try to follow and copy them.Educational capabilities help him in developing good habits to large extent.It will not be wrong to say that a child is what,its family and society make it.

To epitomize the whole discussion we can say that habits which are instilled in young age have long term effects,whether these are good or bad.There is no doubt that young habits die hard but a person, is known as the best creature of this world, can modify it.Because he has been endowed a strong will that can overcome any bad habit at any stage of his life.Therefore,it is said,we should make every effort to give up bad habits and every opportunity must be utilized to form better ones.I would like to sum up my above mentioned discussion by a quote of Samuel Johnson:

                                                                “The chains of habits are too weak to be felt

                                                                  until they are too strong to be broken”


Caged in the Percolate

Caged in the Percolate

Really lastly I got it where I am caged in, caged in a percolate, a percolate may pinned by conditions when, a while and every periods but what merely happens is the caged percolate continues to be the same. Bubble and pockets create their difference what they bring, what they are ballooning upon. What they are created up of and how far they exchange the community.
Seeing everything as either excellent or terrible reduces a lot out of the image. Most of lifestyle drops somewhere between. In the same way as caged in a percolate is between where the lifestyle and breathing could cause up to, now the difference between lifestyle and breathing could be quickly categorized out once the breathing could be organised and lifestyle could be grabbed and once breathing could be launched the lifestyle would be at convenience. Caging yourself in something that thoughts primary the element of considering but being caged by time’s belief or fate’ will is the what eliminating sometimes when mind’s organizations source and are entitled to the information of knowing all about but even than in challenging periods it is better to at arms of your energy and energy and be in will of destiny because in tests they could take or launch even better than individual own option.

Breathing in Percolate

Bubble! How last a percolate could? Really for very brief shape so does. The breathing does and the lifestyle use, by getting this breathing does. And when it comes to such knowing that breathing always caged in percolate though that trip be starts from the uterus where a individual determine relax in tennis ball of uterus same as percolate and obviously in external globe though the percolate may not be seen but each personality caged in certain percolate of breathing that be developed for the particular for the particular own.
Bubble! How last a percolate could? Really for very brief shape so does the breathing reasonably, as it confirmed one breathing comes and later passes away. The later passes away and the official life, the former passes away and the later life.
So a person’s loss of life is entrance to someone else’s lifestyle and a person’s lifestyle is entrance way to someone else’s loss of life, same as one breathing eliminates the next and next arriving breathing eliminates the first breathing that been taken.
Imagery be the bubble! Bubble though has very slim movie but it’s been maintain so far it could be…Life in such crate, that continues the same length as the percolate life and passes away, percolate be in air and moved the floor or even vanish before in contact with the top area of the floor.

Purpose in Percolate

I am caged in my certain percolate and you are in yours certain, out of certainties or concerns. Everybody caged in certain percolate, purposefully or unintentionally what last is breathing in the percolate unless it moved the top area to destroy the percolate Aura of area. Bubble may or may not be in source by overall look, or by everyday living but what it is just for the lack of brief period in such a simple improbable truth that can’t be catch so quickly. Caged in percolate is though obviously never been noticed but it does if strength could increase up to, Kennel is the crate and pitfall is the trap…..Cage is just like pitfall and pitfall so far to crate. Both Range…Both Catch…Both Range Up! Both are far from the feeling and ability of independence and independence ……
Cage is a crate though it is created up of various pockets or just one increase percolate, though it golf paint balls around but the personality maintained in continues to be in the orbit cannot untouched the unlined area. Kennel is though a crate …. Though it is of percolate.
Caged in a percolate is the knowing of the concentration of the expecting believed that could breathing for just one second and passes away in arriving next one. Kennel is a crate though it is of Bubble…Finally I got it where I am caged in, caged in a percolate, a percolate may pinned by conditions when, a while and every periods but what merely happens is the caged percolate continues to be the same.


A True Love

A True Love

Producing smile is the job of man;

My every smile contains Thy name,

Everything that I have is Thy blessing;

And Thou always saved me from blazing.

Thou heal my wounds and take away all my pain,

I never felt me alone due to Thy coalescing;

When I weep and get oppresses,

Thou come like a light and console me as a god friend,

I always feel Thy Hand in my hand;

Thou can never see me stressed,

And always stay me blessed.

Thou never blamed me when I do wrong,

Thou just came and lead me towards the right plan.

Thy love is like an ever burning flame,

That has no ending and is always caressing;

Thou give me name and fame.

Today I am confessing I feel shame,

When I look at thy grants and observe my sinful deeds;

Thou art an absolute Omnipotent Power,

And I am just a seed,

Who beg nothing,just the true flame of Thy Love;

That is beyond everything and is always true.


Modifying Horse in the Center of the Stream

Modifying Horse in the Center of the Stream

In the center of the flow what we did to our serious rights? Do we rationalize ourselves or our need of achievements rank? Is it okay to change so often the check so quickly while disturbing none other than reasonably yourself? Really it issues the aspirations to be someone in something that actually the inspiration? Or just the need and concept of cash is enough? What we do to ourselves when we change one advantage to another or we shift between to breaks of emptiness? Well talking about daring horse.

All people are developed with organic capabilities of their capabilities to be on the earth while as being they are available and they seem to vision for the evaluation. The organic capabilities are what immerse the enterprise of identification of being as development into breathing…The organic capability what equine keep is to be consistently competitive or modern to the street with rate or speed of passion towards the achievements…Daring horse associated with operating and their run is obviously very representational when a driving equine operates it’s beauty cause the driver towards the accomplishment. Remains with daring horse towards next level.

The crazy equine is what appears like euphoria in benefit. If equine remains still its beauty is uncertain and when such elegance be in rate than the beauty is itself the flow of awareness. Now visiting is determined by the emotions of sources where they stay where they shift. Whatever be the monster is the organic substance of beauty and ability features the Element of everyday living that distinguishes and cause variation between the mains or degrees.

Main and Majors, they are also grand and wonderful when becomes the concentrate of interest because this is what the factors of interest in lifestyle mentioning anybody’s feeling of significance to improve or to feel the encounters. Every being has a reason of interest, where and in which that being endures, aims, stay or die. Every being has a cause of interest. Every being has the primary and degrees, how with daring horse.

The Turning Horse

Pursuant Additional (Mighty Highly effective Who is in Favor) is the Resource of lightness that is the Only and One who can be the Only Knower of every primary, significant or minor’s groundwork of groundwork of every enterprise. Every significant or slight all people kind of like time, destiny, orbit of lifestyle, galaxy and it’s’ all program of turning. What he styles is the Greatest and we as animals are just the standards of the interest of the understanding of understanding. The understanding of understanding is the energy that immerse and consumes all the people into the identification of understanding on the top area of recognition, but we are with daring horse.

With daring horse, change is what?  Characteristics requirements, change is what? Describes the people going and turning in their orbits and be streaming to the each others’ orbits to be in exercise for the reorganization of creations’ appearance be established and appeared. The starting is sometimes or mostly complicated in many factors, sometimes very vivid or focused, what begins motivates it cause to the end? Sometimes it is overwhelmed with dullness but once it goes further it smoothed the concepts to flow up to line up to the end. And absolutely all well if it stops well. Because it benefits and start gates to the best fact of the heart where as on the globe of people the heart is topic to attempt, what intended to be or what out to be out of best of best of understanding of understanding? Now it is said that stability is the perfect check but in worldwide people they eat the extreme conditions, change always comes after flow of extreme conditions this is reasonably seen and examined very carefully. Actually the evaluation is of everything on the globe, what and the most attractive itself? Towards extremism but stay with daring horse?

Horse at Extreme!

Extremes and flow to extreme conditions all are two way streets nothing is one way though obviously they assume to be but they are actually not, every street is two way street. So the change itself journey over the same trip on same two-way check though with extreme conditions but with flow now that flow may improved be the flow of awareness or flow that be shown in the reflection. The mid way is sometimes normally the goal focused but sometimes it is eliminating to the reliability it just basically hanged up and hanged up factors remaining that attract attraction. the attractive topics or factors never hanged they just produced to, shift to , smoothed to though progressively but they do, Anticipate and take the change. Bow and curved towards change. Moving and turning along with change. Each indication has two methods of concept, impact, cause and results that why not the change or flow of choice though be driving the rate up equine or the symbol of beauty though it is just for the adventure of heart. Though it may cause adverse enterprise to change the equine in the center of flow but according to the area it would be the most attractive and most worthy act that could compensate constantly. This soul contributes on getting danger and creative people do danger for their modern motivation be real with the Truth, be obvious with the Information, be with the ancient daring horse.

They took choices no issue how the circumstances or the conditions security to. They remain self-conscious and being self-conscious they how to immerse the ability to cause their management over the organic people. Individual may be a clay-based puppet but it has courage of clay-based modelling as well a man can be best in clay-based casting and clay-based modelling if he as self be the charmer of the heart and genuine towards its own primary real attraction. Dreams are what we created by our considering or by our energy of understanding if in understanding, in creativity it can be than in exercise it also could be. Can be or could be human thoughts individuals but to the heart there is no restrict. Accessibility beyond the mild of the heart then you may recognize the mild itself the heart there is no mild beyond that if heart thinks the same. Extremes and flow to extreme conditions all are two way roads…… Be a equine in soul of commitment whatever be the aspirations the heart has developed for a persons persisted attractive people. There is no incorrect changing the equine in the center of flow the place requirements the fulfilling personality to be more flexible and endemic to knowing, with the daring horse or spiritual journey.



      ♣                  A deceiver is always deceived by himself


     ♣                Never hurt anybody because heart is the   

                          place where God lives

     ♣                   Things become vague when we give them

                          more importance

                                                                         (Muskan Fatima)


Thy Eyes

Thy Eyes Can Never Lies

        Thy eyes can never tell lies,

        Thou can not conceal thy love or fie,

       When thou are silent,thy eyes speak,

       As they are giving me some advise.

       Every time,I look deep into thy eyes,

      I find an endless affectation,

      That makes me sensationalize;

     And I get lost in innumerable memories,

    Thus forgetting the world behind me.

    When I see tears in thy eyes,

    I feel myself die,

   I want to take all thy sorrows as my glee,

   Because they have not been made for thee,

   And always want to see thy eyes shine brightly in dark skies.

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Pain A Feared Apprehension

Pain A Feared Apprehension:

Have the courage to live. Anyone can die (Robert Cody)

Pain is an unpleasant and an unwanted sensation, but it is very realistic problem and inevitable part of life. People can wear pain on the outside like a mask,hiding it from the world.But it hides deep within them waiting to be freed by some emotional circumstance. Oddly enough,pain is one of the most feared apprehensions in the minds of humans.

Just the name itself is enough to drive people away.That is why instead of being an essential part of life everybody tries to avoid it,whether it is physical or mental.It seems the fear of pain is bigger than the experience of pain. Actually it is the fear that exaggerates the feelings of pain and make it unbearable.

Types Of Pain:

There is much pain that is quite noiseless; and that makes human agonies mere whisper in the hurrying existence.We all know that pain is a very intensive feeling,because everybody has  experienced it at one time in his life.There are two types of pain; the physical or the emotional painPhysical pain is the sensation of pure discomfort that we feel physically. Emotional pain is very horrid type of pain, it feels as our insides are being wrenched out. When people are suffering emotional pain that take very serious steps,such as taking their own lives.

Benefits Of Pain:

Being a crucial part of life pain does two things:it teaches us and tells us that we are alive. When it passes away leaves us changed. Sometimes it makes us wiser and stronger. Either way pain leaves its mark and everything is important that happens in our life. There are less painful experiences that only hurt when they occur. For example the pain we get during play games. At the time it hurt something awful, but by the next day it is practically forgotten. It is forgotten so quickly, because it is the part of our daily life’s routines.

Positive And Negative Effects Of Pain:

Pain has many positive and negative effects…Sometimes we think we have gone off the deep end, but pain can be very beneficial. It can hurt at the time, but in the long run we will be thankful that we have had it done. The example of childbirth will be more right in this context. At the time of real birth it is very painful.But when our child come into this world we forget everything. We see,without the pain ,our child would not have been born into this beautiful world. But when we take pain needlessly it imparts negative effects.

Every Pain Is Bearable:

But we have noticed an interesting fact that there is no unbearable pain. If it were really unbearable we would not survive. We would be dead now. Although pain is a very difficult feeling to deal with yet to prevent it we will have to counter it boldly. We will have to accept it as a part of life. Pain is simple a painful fact. Pain is a signal of physical discomfort that is given by the nerve to the brain. And we suffer when we refuse it and expect that our life should not be painful. And this refusal is quite natural because it is always human nature, not to acknowledge the unwanted things. Suffering come from our wish that the pain should not be there because we feel there is something wrong in pain. We can lead a happy life only when we admit pain as a part of life and separate the fat from our expectations. For instance, when we have a headache: pain is there but suffering is not there because suffering is a secondary phenomenon while pain is primary. When we have a headache than pain is simply a fact. We can not pass any judgement about it. We do not call it good or bad and we do not give it any value because it is just a fact. Rose is a fact, so is the thorn. If we have a day then coming of night is a fact. Similarly head is a fact, so is the headache.

Art Of Releasing Pain:

If we want to release our pain,we must know the art of looking at it;very soon the pain will turn into happiness and we will have found a key to our basic problems of life. When we feel that a pain is long lasted and focusing our mental capabilities in the form of headache or vice versa. We must listen to it and intensify it. We should make it more and more tense. The more we concentrate, the more it will go on shrinking and finally fade away.

I would like to conclude my whole discussion by saying that pain is mere a feared apprehension and nothing more. There is no escaping pain. Pain is one of the realities of life, whether it be physical or emotional. And everybody has to experience it in his life. There is no hiding from it because it always follow us. For example death captures us where ever we go. Life without pain would be like a man without a woman. But there is only thing that can save us  and help us in getting grapple with this apprehension and that is our will power. We will have to make us strong and admit the reality of pain in life. This art will lead us to happy and prosperous life. And we will be able to lead a healthy life in which happiness and sorrows go side by side.

Havelock Ellis has said:

Pain and death are parts of life, To reject them is to reject life itself.