Author: Aajiz

Colonialism in A Passage to India E. M. Forster

RONNY AND COLONIALISM The way to control of other people’s land and goods is colonialism, colonialism is not only the expansion of modern European trend, but it was flourished by the Roman Empire from Armenia to the Atlantic in the second century. Genghis Khan conquered the Middle East including China. In the fifteenth century, southern India […]

The Microsoft 70-680 Certification Exam

The Microsoft 70-680 Certification Exam Every one of the Microsoft certification exams offered is valuable in the job market, but the 70-680 exam is particularly valuable in the current employment arena as it covers the Windows 7 OS and the configuration methodologies employed by IT professionals in this widely utilized operating system.  The 70-680 Microsoft […]

James Joyce and the Mythology of Modernism

What is Myth? A conventional or Renowned tale, usually about some being or idol or even with or without a determinable foundation fact or a natural description, especially one that is worried with deities or demigods and describes some practice, ceremony or trend of characteristics. The conventional meaning of belief from tradition research discovers best […]

Literature in 19th Century (James Joyce)

Literature in 19th Century Nineteenth century Millennium Literary works was very popular in its days. It was absolutely liked and became very essential during the Victorian Era. Many types and designs of composing prospered among the writers of this interval. Many different form of composing had interested the Victorians. Their was poems, Books, Enchanting Literary […]