Caged in the Percolate

Caged in the Percolate

Really lastly I got it where I am caged in, caged in a percolate, a percolate may pinned by conditions when, a while and every periods but what merely happens is the caged percolate continues to be the same. Bubble and pockets create their difference what they bring, what they are ballooning upon. What they are created up of and how far they exchange the community.
Seeing everything as either excellent or terrible reduces a lot out of the image. Most of lifestyle drops somewhere between. In the same way as caged in a percolate is between where the lifestyle and breathing could cause up to, now the difference between lifestyle and breathing could be quickly categorized out once the breathing could be organised and lifestyle could be grabbed and once breathing could be launched the lifestyle would be at convenience. Caging yourself in something that thoughts primary the element of considering but being caged by time’s belief or fate’ will is the what eliminating sometimes when mind’s organizations source and are entitled to the information of knowing all about but even than in challenging periods it is better to at arms of your energy and energy and be in will of destiny because in tests they could take or launch even better than individual own option.

Breathing in Percolate

Bubble! How last a percolate could? Really for very brief shape so does. The breathing does and the lifestyle use, by getting this breathing does. And when it comes to such knowing that breathing always caged in percolate though that trip be starts from the uterus where a individual determine relax in tennis ball of uterus same as percolate and obviously in external globe though the percolate may not be seen but each personality caged in certain percolate of breathing that be developed for the particular for the particular own.
Bubble! How last a percolate could? Really for very brief shape so does the breathing reasonably, as it confirmed one breathing comes and later passes away. The later passes away and the official life, the former passes away and the later life.
So a person’s loss of life is entrance to someone else’s lifestyle and a person’s lifestyle is entrance way to someone else’s loss of life, same as one breathing eliminates the next and next arriving breathing eliminates the first breathing that been taken.
Imagery be the bubble! Bubble though has very slim movie but it’s been maintain so far it could be…Life in such crate, that continues the same length as the percolate life and passes away, percolate be in air and moved the floor or even vanish before in contact with the top area of the floor.

Purpose in Percolate

I am caged in my certain percolate and you are in yours certain, out of certainties or concerns. Everybody caged in certain percolate, purposefully or unintentionally what last is breathing in the percolate unless it moved the top area to destroy the percolate Aura of area. Bubble may or may not be in source by overall look, or by everyday living but what it is just for the lack of brief period in such a simple improbable truth that can’t be catch so quickly. Caged in percolate is though obviously never been noticed but it does if strength could increase up to, Kennel is the crate and pitfall is the trap…..Cage is just like pitfall and pitfall so far to crate. Both Range…Both Catch…Both Range Up! Both are far from the feeling and ability of independence and independence ……
Cage is a crate though it is created up of various pockets or just one increase percolate, though it golf paint balls around but the personality maintained in continues to be in the orbit cannot untouched the unlined area. Kennel is though a crate …. Though it is of percolate.
Caged in a percolate is the knowing of the concentration of the expecting believed that could breathing for just one second and passes away in arriving next one. Kennel is a crate though it is of Bubble…Finally I got it where I am caged in, caged in a percolate, a percolate may pinned by conditions when, a while and every periods but what merely happens is the caged percolate continues to be the same.


Modifying Horse in the Center of the Stream

Modifying Horse in the Center of the Stream

In the center of the flow what we did to our serious rights? Do we rationalize ourselves or our need of achievements rank? Is it okay to change so often the check so quickly while disturbing none other than reasonably yourself? Really it issues the aspirations to be someone in something that actually the inspiration? Or just the need and concept of cash is enough? What we do to ourselves when we change one advantage to another or we shift between to breaks of emptiness? Well talking about daring horse.

All people are developed with organic capabilities of their capabilities to be on the earth while as being they are available and they seem to vision for the evaluation. The organic capabilities are what immerse the enterprise of identification of being as development into breathing…The organic capability what equine keep is to be consistently competitive or modern to the street with rate or speed of passion towards the achievements…Daring horse associated with operating and their run is obviously very representational when a driving equine operates it’s beauty cause the driver towards the accomplishment. Remains with daring horse towards next level.

The crazy equine is what appears like euphoria in benefit. If equine remains still its beauty is uncertain and when such elegance be in rate than the beauty is itself the flow of awareness. Now visiting is determined by the emotions of sources where they stay where they shift. Whatever be the monster is the organic substance of beauty and ability features the Element of everyday living that distinguishes and cause variation between the mains or degrees.

Main and Majors, they are also grand and wonderful when becomes the concentrate of interest because this is what the factors of interest in lifestyle mentioning anybody’s feeling of significance to improve or to feel the encounters. Every being has a reason of interest, where and in which that being endures, aims, stay or die. Every being has a cause of interest. Every being has the primary and degrees, how with daring horse.

The Turning Horse

Pursuant Additional (Mighty Highly effective Who is in Favor) is the Resource of lightness that is the Only and One who can be the Only Knower of every primary, significant or minor’s groundwork of groundwork of every enterprise. Every significant or slight all people kind of like time, destiny, orbit of lifestyle, galaxy and it’s’ all program of turning. What he styles is the Greatest and we as animals are just the standards of the interest of the understanding of understanding. The understanding of understanding is the energy that immerse and consumes all the people into the identification of understanding on the top area of recognition, but we are with daring horse.

With daring horse, change is what?  Characteristics requirements, change is what? Describes the people going and turning in their orbits and be streaming to the each others’ orbits to be in exercise for the reorganization of creations’ appearance be established and appeared. The starting is sometimes or mostly complicated in many factors, sometimes very vivid or focused, what begins motivates it cause to the end? Sometimes it is overwhelmed with dullness but once it goes further it smoothed the concepts to flow up to line up to the end. And absolutely all well if it stops well. Because it benefits and start gates to the best fact of the heart where as on the globe of people the heart is topic to attempt, what intended to be or what out to be out of best of best of understanding of understanding? Now it is said that stability is the perfect check but in worldwide people they eat the extreme conditions, change always comes after flow of extreme conditions this is reasonably seen and examined very carefully. Actually the evaluation is of everything on the globe, what and the most attractive itself? Towards extremism but stay with daring horse?

Horse at Extreme!

Extremes and flow to extreme conditions all are two way streets nothing is one way though obviously they assume to be but they are actually not, every street is two way street. So the change itself journey over the same trip on same two-way check though with extreme conditions but with flow now that flow may improved be the flow of awareness or flow that be shown in the reflection. The mid way is sometimes normally the goal focused but sometimes it is eliminating to the reliability it just basically hanged up and hanged up factors remaining that attract attraction. the attractive topics or factors never hanged they just produced to, shift to , smoothed to though progressively but they do, Anticipate and take the change. Bow and curved towards change. Moving and turning along with change. Each indication has two methods of concept, impact, cause and results that why not the change or flow of choice though be driving the rate up equine or the symbol of beauty though it is just for the adventure of heart. Though it may cause adverse enterprise to change the equine in the center of flow but according to the area it would be the most attractive and most worthy act that could compensate constantly. This soul contributes on getting danger and creative people do danger for their modern motivation be real with the Truth, be obvious with the Information, be with the ancient daring horse.

They took choices no issue how the circumstances or the conditions security to. They remain self-conscious and being self-conscious they how to immerse the ability to cause their management over the organic people. Individual may be a clay-based puppet but it has courage of clay-based modelling as well a man can be best in clay-based casting and clay-based modelling if he as self be the charmer of the heart and genuine towards its own primary real attraction. Dreams are what we created by our considering or by our energy of understanding if in understanding, in creativity it can be than in exercise it also could be. Can be or could be human thoughts individuals but to the heart there is no restrict. Accessibility beyond the mild of the heart then you may recognize the mild itself the heart there is no mild beyond that if heart thinks the same. Extremes and flow to extreme conditions all are two way roads…… Be a equine in soul of commitment whatever be the aspirations the heart has developed for a persons persisted attractive people. There is no incorrect changing the equine in the center of flow the place requirements the fulfilling personality to be more flexible and endemic to knowing, with the daring horse or spiritual journey.


Pain A Feared Apprehension

Pain A Feared Apprehension:

Have the courage to live. Anyone can die (Robert Cody)

Pain is an unpleasant and an unwanted sensation, but it is very realistic problem and inevitable part of life. People can wear pain on the outside like a mask,hiding it from the world.But it hides deep within them waiting to be freed by some emotional circumstance. Oddly enough,pain is one of the most feared apprehensions in the minds of humans.

Just the name itself is enough to drive people away.That is why instead of being an essential part of life everybody tries to avoid it,whether it is physical or mental.It seems the fear of pain is bigger than the experience of pain. Actually it is the fear that exaggerates the feelings of pain and make it unbearable.

Types Of Pain:

There is much pain that is quite noiseless; and that makes human agonies mere whisper in the hurrying existence.We all know that pain is a very intensive feeling,because everybody has  experienced it at one time in his life.There are two types of pain; the physical or the emotional painPhysical pain is the sensation of pure discomfort that we feel physically. Emotional pain is very horrid type of pain, it feels as our insides are being wrenched out. When people are suffering emotional pain that take very serious steps,such as taking their own lives.

Benefits Of Pain:

Being a crucial part of life pain does two things:it teaches us and tells us that we are alive. When it passes away leaves us changed. Sometimes it makes us wiser and stronger. Either way pain leaves its mark and everything is important that happens in our life. There are less painful experiences that only hurt when they occur. For example the pain we get during play games. At the time it hurt something awful, but by the next day it is practically forgotten. It is forgotten so quickly, because it is the part of our daily life’s routines.

Positive And Negative Effects Of Pain:

Pain has many positive and negative effects…Sometimes we think we have gone off the deep end, but pain can be very beneficial. It can hurt at the time, but in the long run we will be thankful that we have had it done. The example of childbirth will be more right in this context. At the time of real birth it is very painful.But when our child come into this world we forget everything. We see,without the pain ,our child would not have been born into this beautiful world. But when we take pain needlessly it imparts negative effects.

Every Pain Is Bearable:

But we have noticed an interesting fact that there is no unbearable pain. If it were really unbearable we would not survive. We would be dead now. Although pain is a very difficult feeling to deal with yet to prevent it we will have to counter it boldly. We will have to accept it as a part of life. Pain is simple a painful fact. Pain is a signal of physical discomfort that is given by the nerve to the brain. And we suffer when we refuse it and expect that our life should not be painful. And this refusal is quite natural because it is always human nature, not to acknowledge the unwanted things. Suffering come from our wish that the pain should not be there because we feel there is something wrong in pain. We can lead a happy life only when we admit pain as a part of life and separate the fat from our expectations. For instance, when we have a headache: pain is there but suffering is not there because suffering is a secondary phenomenon while pain is primary. When we have a headache than pain is simply a fact. We can not pass any judgement about it. We do not call it good or bad and we do not give it any value because it is just a fact. Rose is a fact, so is the thorn. If we have a day then coming of night is a fact. Similarly head is a fact, so is the headache.

Art Of Releasing Pain:

If we want to release our pain,we must know the art of looking at it;very soon the pain will turn into happiness and we will have found a key to our basic problems of life. When we feel that a pain is long lasted and focusing our mental capabilities in the form of headache or vice versa. We must listen to it and intensify it. We should make it more and more tense. The more we concentrate, the more it will go on shrinking and finally fade away.

I would like to conclude my whole discussion by saying that pain is mere a feared apprehension and nothing more. There is no escaping pain. Pain is one of the realities of life, whether it be physical or emotional. And everybody has to experience it in his life. There is no hiding from it because it always follow us. For example death captures us where ever we go. Life without pain would be like a man without a woman. But there is only thing that can save us  and help us in getting grapple with this apprehension and that is our will power. We will have to make us strong and admit the reality of pain in life. This art will lead us to happy and prosperous life. And we will be able to lead a healthy life in which happiness and sorrows go side by side.

Havelock Ellis has said:

Pain and death are parts of life, To reject them is to reject life itself.


Sheer Words

Absolute Words

What Words? Sometimes we absence overall terms to show the overall opinions and movement. Sometimes we do not have overall terms, dialect, edition or symptoms to show the overall facts which we have had researched but just didn’t take them consciously— Conscious facts are always somewhat very reverse to the subconscious facts and they are actually very reverse to sub-conscious facts, all linked with some increase curiously. Strangely linked and prolonged these each of the sides are the item of whole worldwide back-up for each person and the invisible facts for the character and character’s lifestyle orbit, character’s lifestyle orbit have had maintained in these sides with hazy dark areas, one who is happy enough to discover these sides, actually focus over the invisible primary facts to except the exterior movement of lifestyle and worldwide facts.

Consciously provided, knowingly functioned, knowingly contacted, and knowingly publicized aware working all are summary somewhat there…Uncertainty is easy to understand and most upsetting all the way. Concern is absolutely easy to understand But it is also truth though that “To every activity there is a reverse and equal response.” Everything happens by purpose and same example everything happens by opportunity both get around each other but even than make paralysis stability, fixed sometimes and powerful on the other , this development be on the floor when overall terms perform miracle absolutely. Absolute terms damaged definitely and overall terms impact definitely for the causes and results that may apply all over for the rapid and invisible activities and reactions. Though declaration of the truth been that overall energy corrupts definitely but when energy be invisible in terms than terms took  place of tool or they be the overall energy of management or overall energy of guideline. Absolute perseverance over conquerors or cruisers. Absolute solutions are the overall terms that be mess up opening to all concepts, claims and ideas. Absolute terms are what definitely need the right possibility of right conditions to be said, to be assured.

Consummate Words

Words can do what activities sometimes nothing, because activities most of enough the paralysis without motivation of the terms, and without the pulp of terms miracle of impact in activities or over activities. Words can do what pictures do, terms can do what exercise do, terms can do what characteristics do, terms can do what makes, uses and management pulse rate, terms can do what take breathing away and terms can make in existence a lifestyle permanently or may make sentenced loss of life. Words are no solution for deceased, terms never exercise for them who never value saying or obliging them, terms are nothing for no one unless they been estimated with the feature of impact what at the front side the being should get or what the at the front side the showing requirements.
Strive for greater allow when it comes to the choice of terms, because once they been said or sent to never be came back unless been responded to …..For the choice of terms what we do in existing era? We select most absolutely what we listen…

Yeah mostly what we pay attention … If we pay attention the harassing terminology we implemented the same despite of the truth it is judgment all over our nerve fibres severing us without the considering variation. Such variation remaining us nothing but the uncultured standard of the day with the prize of nothing but the spender of your energy and energy, spender of lifestyle and spender of each breathing that lot has given or published for the particular time. Really such way remaining us just the spender not the liver organ not the being been dignified. What we understand is the second most place what we offer, for such the exercise and the foundation results but this be chosen by the civil people though they make-believe that to even than or few are what their enhanced intuition and characteristics frightened or instructed them. Present Era? Woooh… Nevertheless it is not much effectively developed for the pressure of conversation there are many methods just to connect the stages once we have of audio discussions are hanged little but though the demonstration still there.

Transcendent Words

Words are what the considering give beginning, terms are what the intuition instructed to be and terms are what they have to be according to the scenario, according to the viewers, according to the being, so to the character ought to offer and so to the purpose. According to the aim is what actually terms audio, what actually terms are created up of. Test is vacant unless they been guideline by the expressionistic conversation of the boost character that could be highly and magnetically linked with the cause of Mercury (planet of communication).

Words may cause the viewers if they be ought to have a conversation or more efficient in competitors to attract the feelings of people towards any trend that be exercise through activities. Select and select terms than give them most health care as they make, audio and expose the character and personality’s whole idiosyncrasies. Strive for greater allow when it comes to the choice of terms as they be actually holding the overall energy to make, management and eat severity. Absolute terms damaged definitely and overall terms impact definitely for the causes …….. Concern is absolutely easy to understand But it is also truth though that “To every activity there is a reverse and equal response.” Absolute terms are similar to the overall realities; overall terms are the choice of with, with the choice of Substance that comes, provides and shows. Absolute terms are overall with absolutely. Absolute words…


Teaches, Trials, Tragedies, Times & Stories

Nothing occurred by opportunity, every developing has a purpose, and thinking is the stage of lifestyle. Depth takes in not only night but with in invisible treasury ….. Such as ‘Isolation’ is indeed a treasury, a treasury mysterious. Sadness somewhat affiliates with solitude and trained solitude in audio.
To discover solitude is a courageous act because discovery of solitude is not easy; it is the hardest process ever, such description of solitude that is supposed to be to grief and owed to grief a person’s self attention or self personality, self moral sense powerful indeed, may turn in loss and as loss trained well the training of life….
Grief affiliates to solitude, loss affiliates to solitude and dropping special most that deeply linked with center, center, or feelings or the inner attention and moral sense different the methods of lifestyle.
Human mind and body may determine the enlightment when taken but well with lifestyle. But the injuries, repercussions and the circumstances may entice could cause to down the wrong path unusual people could carry on against the religious facts.
Life haunted, is not lifestyle at all. We create ourselves the ghosts…… Life shadowed, is not lifestyle at all. Life dark with solitude, is not lifestyle at all. Life in drop center is not lifestyle at all. Life on possibilities, not lifestyle at all. Life as loss is not lifestyle at all ……Yet lifestyle without loss is lifestyle with training, lifestyle with studying, lifestyle without materials, lifestyle without impact…..
Truth is strong and unfamiliar person than hype it creates its own way to link the lifestyle between all the rapid or opportunity facts. It create highway to the understanding to discover all the stage getting factors in which one of the loss, certainly it trained well. It educates and delivers studying to even deceased center.
Good periods never discover the inner factors of lifestyle, but the grief does, so does the loss and comes to once a while in every mankind lifestyle to trained, to fragrance this life lifestyle as simple a exercise place to attract the wiseness and intelligence to respect Someone who is all in all Managing Energy.
Tragedy is unique floor of understanding the actuality and the hub of all efforts to be powerful. It smashes the individual incorrect desires, and paves way to have the legendry has an effect on, Figures to be heroines and be the aspect of memory space of others permanently. Most important it provides the opportunity for catharsis which is the individual needs either it would be brought up on Self Bad or on Consideration to others or it transforms to greater most stage of individual act Concern …… Such feelings are not the typical actions and they never be in air unless something which create and conjuncts the inner community of center at discomfort.
Pain, tests and greatest disasters that could entice few personality types in such entice that they drop their breathing but their entice all over relate training to the other existing individual beings….. Truly what as individual we can understand and search for from discomfort, grief, test and loss we cannot ever calculate in satisfying times……
On stage of community ‘5T’s’ are the syllable and symbol that amazingly linked with the Simple fact of Secrets, Simple fact of Realities, they take the valuable possibilities to create alert to ‘Teaches, Trials, Tragedies, Times & Tales’ ……
Certainly all these 5T’s ‘’ Teaches, Trials, Tragedies, Times & Stories ‘’ are the earlier or later the aspect of every individual to get into the further perspective of obvious things and in fact the Reflection of Simple fact, Reflection of Reality & Reflection of Light….
Explore the invisible training, facts for the self moral sense by looking at and getting good the further symbolism of Teaches, Trials, Tragedies, Times & Stories in the lifestyle on the stage of earth…This is technique of existing materials of life
Thou the art that shows the versions of lifestyle,
Could be presented by Tragedy or by Trial,
By Times or by making the Stories of Events.


Procrastination (Shilly-Shally)


Long conversations, try to be so obviously committed, be workaholic and look so fast paced but do nothing…
A simple description to Procrastination…Actually it is more than just a concept and it has a definable dissertation because it happens on the planet of perform where individuals past due so many frequent, essential and important concerns in holding out record or talk about on higher concern ‘Things to do’ although they pay attention to other products just to eliminate time or implement time for their positively satisfaction of emotional desire to search for satisfaction rather to take demand on nerve fibres to obtain possibly the difficult process by attempt to be obtained.

Sometimes it happens on the planet of happy that wideness warrants perceptive initiatives and people habits decrease the value of what comes on concern and record higher the unaware part of workouts those could just be the appropriate product of unprogressive components and they just maintain for plenty of a chance to eliminate the qualitative and excellent perform.
In therapy, stalling represents the act of changing high-priority or essential activities with projects of lower concern, or doing something from which one comes satisfaction, and thus placing off essential projects to a later time.
In compliance with Freud, the Pleasure concept (psychology), may be accountable for procrastination; individuals do not desire adverse thoughts and passing off a traumatic process until a further date is pleasant. The idea that individuals perform best under demand provides additional satisfaction and responsibility to delaying a process.

Some researchers refer to such conduct as a process for dealing with the pressure associated with starting or concluding any process or decision. Other researchers indicate that pressure is just as likely to get individuals to activate early as overdue and the concentrate should be improvisation. That is, pressure will cause individuals to wait only if they are energetic.
Schraw, Wadkins, and Olafson have recommended three requirements for a conduct to be categorized as procrastination: it must be detrimental, useless, and delaying. In the same way, precious metal (2007) opinions all past initiatives to identify stalling, showing it is “to willingly wait an designed course of action despite pregnant to be more intense off for the wait.

Procrastination (Shilly-Shally)

Procrastination may result in pressure, a feeling of guiltiness and turmoil, serious loss of personal efficiency, as well as sociable disapproval for not conference obligations or expenses. These thoughts mixed may enhance further stalling. While it is considered as frequent for individuals to hesitate to some level, it becomes a problem when it impedes frequent performing.
Chronic stalling may be a indication of an actual emotional problem. Such procrastinators may have problems searching for support due to sociable preconception, and the fact that task-aversion is a result of negligence, low perseverance or low aspirations.
Such conduct could in exercise does nothing but low excellent in perform or any element of lifestyle that would not be beneficial but rather dangerous for the self personality and for the sociable thoughts.
Procrastination is frequent to those who under calculate their own personality in the audience of external shape and down size the level of inspirational, considerable and traditional everyday living of significance.

Procrastination is garmite to the skilled individuals who somewhat get exhausted or little livid with the schedule problems of perform. This must rusticate so easily so it could hurry to cover on preliminary level and initiative it should be feel out from individuality part because to identify it important to save a individuality from demonetization and demotivating.
However it is generally seen in all the locations and usually to the specific rules who say to be rather too fast paced actually they become over had with their ranking in external course and internal they accurate themselves to acquire others to be problem even for their feeling of obligations.

Procrastination (protract)

It happens, but everything happens for some thinking, some significant objective if objective gone the rest simply leaves the loss of life heart lifestyle and such way of existing in any perspective, in any content continues to be with the idea of Zilch where as this galaxy, this place the whole nebula has level to feeling by wideness…
Sustain the community of individuality from the dangerous thoughts of tsunami that could cause disturbance and maintain nothing but dangerous source. Be in the further perspective whatever we do, be in the heart of responsibility whatever we mean, be identify as perseverance higher the perspective of existing …’As man can be demolished but cannot be defeated’
Human acknowledged of in real because of unconquerable Will and steady heart …Procrastination?


Beauty and Nature influenced by Keats

Beauty and Comparison

From the look of a new created infant baby to the purity of experience of cat overall is beauty… Dynamics cover in woman’s thought or the blossoming bloom overall is Keats beauty… enjoying kid in dream and the wonderful flowers overall is splendor… Sky to the Eco-friendly areas, plants to the touching me not place overall is splendor…Heavens to soil overall is beauty… Stars to galaxies; celestial satellite to lamination all in all is beauty… Love into perspective to measures, thoughts from vocabulary to salience overall is splendor… Creations into everyday living, wildlife on the market overall is beauty…Time of understanding, Intellectual of audio understanding all in all is beauty…lamb to bunny, seafood to chicken, pet to people all in all is beauty…

Beauty and Women

Beauty normally appears to be attractive and the best to recommend it is the womanish character that could appeal the look and alert a concept of wonder of creation…But the audio woman splendor is best in cover, in Veil not the way the epoch of press is presenting… Beauty be associated with some expand to women when it comes to conversation in people community, but what if it would be associated with every individual moment in some time to impetus and each little to larger elements of widespread spectrum…What if it could be explain in more broader skyline to include the passion, creativity be aspect of splendor…

Beauty and Emotions

Feeling of natural beauty is one of the essential cosmetic feelings, which draw not only the people obvious simple fact but also the concealed emotions; natural beauty is none other than a type of listlessness for people without this people community is like garden of thorns. The obvious natural beauty though attractive but has both on the sides effect, one side is that which is essential because beauty’s positive element that obvious natural beauty sense the great thing about perspective and relax the people a sense of inspiration to discover the galaxy full of secret and concealed gifts. Second part, natural beauty is strange and it is inaccurate, it is alluringly wonderful and such appeal sometimes damages the worth of the significance that could be drop in task, could be drop in entice to test, and could be puppet for statement. The black element of natural beauty is surprisingly risky as materials created until yet and the element that protects the light of natural beauty based on inspiration that could be absolutely in higher built stated as Lights of Nature, the methods and great thing about Dynamics.

Many of the prominent, known and legendary authors worldwide create about the natural beauty in their own style with a sense of profoundness and with satisfaction of their experienced energy and power. Some identified their country’s great thing about ability, some identified their area natural beauty and some choose the Dynamics and Splendor to discover. Beauty is the most wonderful simple fact and its existence is the experience and proof of everyday living. Beauty can be a concept and perception and can be an action of exercise.

Splendor can be search through and can be discovered on in the biggest elements of lifestyle but even in the little secrets and techniques that could a kid hold in his mind, that could be the silliest imagined but in kid perspective important for his growing years.

All the experienced people who have great thing about imagined, who have the great thing about edition, who know the worth of the cleanliness, modesty activities and etiquette that could make them higher in built they show always the mindset side of their lives and their elite perspective.

As all the major elements comes from inside world like drive. Creativity external supply are vital for implementations, for practice and for the exercise of activities so the wonder may be the substance of external supply Dynamics or of the Inner supply Dynamics all would be wonderful if they appeal people feeling of cosmetic, feeling of building, feeling of designs and arts, feeling of existing with mannerism, feeling of religious inspiration. That disclose to people knowledge that beauty is in actually what we naturally are and in embracing the best activities among the other people by offering them with goodness, respect, with commitment and with humankind. Splendor is in the feeling of thinking and in perspective that could show the external supply with creativity and drive to be excellent in all elements of lifestyle.

Beauty is what a people obtain in front of Development by excellent activities, by assisting existing creatures and thoughtful the lifestyle as the precious most gift of Dynamics to enhance the regards of generation with the Designer…

Notes Prose

Style Given By O’Henry in “The Last Leaf”

The Last Leaf Summary

‘The last leaf’ consists of four human characters; JOHNSY, SUE, DOCTOR and BEHRMAN, and a non-living character Mr. Pneumonia. Johnsy and Sue are roommates. Johnsy falls ill and she binds herself with such a fancy that she well die with the fallen of last ivy leaf. But Sue, the very optimist, consults the painter, Behrman, to paint an ivy leaf against the wall. Behrman paints such a leaf which is clinging to its stem against the wall. At last, Johnsy recovers her health. But Behrman dies of pneumonia in the hospital.

 The Last Leaf STYLE

  In style, the main focus is on the manners which are used by the writers in his work. Critics have to deal with the dialogues, vocabulary, metaphorical diction, syntax, kinds of imagery and kind of subject matter which is used by the writer.


            A variety of Figurative or metaphorical language in which things or ideas are treated as if they were human beings, with human attributes and feelings is called Personification. In the very first line of this story “the Last Leaf”, streets are personified by the writer but there streets symbolize human passions and relationships.

“The streets run crazy and broken themselves into small strips called ‘places’.”

 Pneumonia is a serious kind of disease and may become the cause of death. Johnsy falls ill due to the prey of pneumonia. While Behrman dies of it.

 “Mr. Pneumonia was not what you would call a chivalric old gentleman.”


 The usage of dialogues is frequently existed in this story. Dialogues always occur between the two people who talk face to face. The mostly action of this story proceeds with the dialogues of Johnsy and Sue.

 “Try to sleep,” said Sue, I must call Behrman.”

                        “What is it, dear?” asked Sue.”

                        “Tell me as soon as you have finished,” said Johnsy


 These deal with the relatedness of one thing to other with direct or indirect reference. Simile is the relatedness by ‘as’ or ‘like’. But metaphor is direct relation of one thing to the other on the behalf of some quality. For example,

                       “Johnsy was lying white and still as a fallen statue.”

“Behrman had a Michael Angelo’s Moses beard curling down from the head of a satyr along the body of an imp.”


It is a technique used by O’ Henry to explain things through contrast and comparison. It is based on the quality or quantity of something. Art and literature are very close to each other but the writer compares them on the level of their functions. He pleads,

“Young artists must pave their way to art by drawing pictures for magazine stories that young authors write to pave their way to literature.”


This story also does have the devices of symbolism and imagery. Leaf deals with life, nutrition and growth as well. The symbol of shoes and icy cold is also used in this story. Shoes are the symbol of oppression, tyranny and death as well. The writer uses this symbol to show the death of Mr. Behrman.

            “His shoes and clothing were wet through and icy cold.”

 Imagery is also very close to symbolism but it appeals to senses and feelings. There is a lot of color imagery in this story.

            “I have something to tell you, white mouse.”

 The image of white mouse is used for Johnsy because she recovers her health now. The white color presents innocence and purity.

 “Johnsy was contentedly knitting a very blue and very useless woolen shoulder scarf.”

             “Old Behrman, with his red eyes…”



 The system of this universe is based on two opposite things i.e. day and night, black and white, good and bad, hope and frustration etc. ‘The Last Leaf’ is very symbolic story which conveys the theme of Pessimism and Optimism. Pessimism deals with the darken aspects of life. As optimism is totally against to pessimism, it deals with the positive ways of life. It also can be said that optimism and pessimism are the two sides of a single coin. Johnsy always leads her life as a pessimist. Sue consoles Johnsy and she consults a painter to paint the fancy of Johnsy in an optimist way.

           “When the last one falls I must go, too.” –P

           “She was looking out the window and counting-counting backward.” –P

            “It is a sin to want to die.” –O


Hope is also one of the major themes in ‘The Last Leaf’. The system of this universe is running at the idea of hope. We dream for future life due to hope. For example, if an old man is seriously ill still he is dreaming for his recovery because of hope. He does not think about the black or fatal bird. The significance of the leaf is life and nurture. Leaf is the hope of life for tree or plant. When Johnsy sees the painted leaf against the wall through the window then she says,

“Something has made that last leaf stay there to show me a how wicked I was. It is a sin to want to die.”

 The Doctor said to Sue, “She’s out of danger. You’ve won.”


The title of this story conveys the theme of death. Last means very close to death or closely to be end. The life or growth of the tree or plant may be guessed through its branches and the condition of leaves. There were almost a hundred leaves clinging with the stem but they were falling due to autumn season. Autumn is the mortal season for leaves. At the same time Johnsy fell ill due to Pneumonia. Pneumonia is the symbol of death for human being and old Behrman dies of it.

 “When the last one falls I must go, too.”

            “Mr. Behrman died of Pneumonia today in the hospital.


“The last leaf” shows the theme of friendship and sacrifice. Friendship is such a relationship that is completed with the ties of sacrifice, sincerity, love, loyalties etc. Sue is friend of Johnsy and she progresses this relation through sacrifices.

Said Sue, “Will you promise me to keep your eyes close, and not looked out the window until I am done working?”


“It was beautiful and simple as all truly great swindles are.”

After the whole discussion, we can say that ‘The Last Leaf’ is also after “The Gift of The Magi” O’ Henry’s masterpiece. ‘The Gift of the Magi’ held so much popularity that many writers wrote OPERAS and many singers sang that OPERAS. These short stories are derived from the life of the ordinary people in New York City. O’ Henry uses twist plot in his stories, which turn on ironic or coincidental circumstance. Although some critics are not so enthusiastic about his work yet the public loves it. The Last Leaf Study Guide By M Zaman Ali.

The Last Leaf William James
William James (Photo credit: Wikipedia)