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A True Love

A True Love “Producing smile is the job of man; My every smile contains Thy name, Everything that I have is Thy blessing; And Thou always saved me from blazing. Thou heal my wounds and take away all my pain, I never felt me alone due to Thy coalescing; When I weep and get oppresses, […]


      ♣                  “ A deceiver is always deceived by himself “        ♣                “ Never hurt anybody because heart is the                              place where God lives“      ♣                   “ Things become vague when we give them                           more importance“                                                                          (Muskan Fatima)

Thy Eyes

Thy Eyes Can Never Lies         Thy eyes can never tell lies,         Thou can not conceal thy love or fie,        When thou are silent,thy eyes speak,        As they are giving me some advise.        Every time,I look deep into thy eyes,       I find an endless affectation,       That makes […]