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Young Habits Die Hard

Young Habits Die Hard: “We become what we do repeatedly”¬†(Sean Covey) It has rightly been said,because when we do something frequently it becomes our habit.This constantly performed action engraved in personality and becomes difficult to withdraw.¬†Young age is a period,when various habits are growing up in a child and habits formed in early age are […]

Flying with Feathers

Smooth Fly with Feathers On the feathers, the white-colored wing that can bring me as quickly as the day fall on the clean natural keep. Journey over those wings was near to euphoria and more than that, it surpasses the earthly requirements, life factors and its expansion introduced. What I would say no earthly gentle […]

A Fall in Ocean

A Fall in Ocean as Thought Fall in beach of this split contributes the comfort to feelings, strength to heart and this drop though mingles with the ocean of oceanic masses but even than continues to be unsociable, now it is the aspect of the ocean of oceanic masses but how it could be identified […]