A Great Journey To Learn, Education

Education is a learning process of art, an art that covers the practical approach by theoretical exercises. Education is the key to open the door to the understanding of the known world and the world known to the unknown.

It strengthens the soul of learning and the ultimate goal to achieve and gives meaning to human thought and spirit to entertain and discriminate against innovative ideas to raise human social life learning of two main types, one road leads to practical and pragmatic approach to the world as seen innovations, discoveries and mega structures.

The second is theoretical, it describes the truth, reality and learn to follow. You may or may not be fully grasp everything. Because of his efforts to be more difficult than the complications seen hands-on learning. Practical learning is a chain of several carried out with the logic of a theoretical study, but only an imaginary world of mind and teach morals and ethics.

The theoretical doctrines may object in different groups of people who have different thoughts and vibrations to the worldly life, but for the world of education can be improved pragmatic field shelters in the original calculations and logic remain ordinary human mind for many nations, different doctrines believed that all together in the same.

Logic is a part of learning and the metaphorical aspect of reality is another. The two different, but remains speculative in the same class in the spirit of understanding and ability to the template that will be revealed knowledge or less in width.

More options appear to be taught different levels of knowledge, if any. Learning is the entrance and exit of positive and negative experiences in a proactive manner and the stages of selection. Until now, knowledge perform very important development for the education of learning. Difference or separation of knowledge and learning are handled and existing pre-defined.

Learning is another name for the practice and knowledge is another name to see the world around it will be difficult doctrines mutably is mainly theoretical but pragmatic, not logical. Therefore, what you prefer according to circumstances and consequences of more practical approach that shows the results compared with treatment and knowing mutable.

Education is the sister organization of learning, it is powerful, so the buffet and marked on learning the correct terms pragmatic. Education is a journey to learn, and this trip continues in all aspects of life at all stages of the life of humans. Education is to explore the vast world and it starts the first part in the selection depending on the skills and talent of its envelope / her character or personality.

To learn is important, because learning and skills sets and qualifications literally illiterate, to understand and adopt the correct way in which we can share good template for the improved growth of the SCO-economic and human here later.

Man is born to learn, this is the reason most honorable of all others.

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