A Midsummer Night’s Dream Summary

Plot Summary (Short)

Theseus, Duke of Athens, is preparing for his marriage to Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, a courtier of the Duke seeks the intervention because of his daughter, Hermia, do not accept him as my husband’s choice of Demetrius: he fell in love Lisandro. Duke tells Hermia to obey her father, or die, or to accept life as a nun and the Temple of Diana. Hermia and Lysander plan to escape, and tell Helen, who is in love with Demetrius, but she hates him and loves Hermia. The lovers flee to Athens, but lost in the woods. They are followed by Demetrius and Helena, then, who told him of their intentions.

Oberon, king of the fairies, who lives in the woods, he quarreled with his queen, Titania, over an Indian boy, refuses to give him. Oberon feels Helena and Demetrius, supporting, and sends his servant mischievous Puck, to get a flower, the juice has the power to fall in love with the first thing they see when the juice is put on the eyelids during sleep. He called Puck to put drops in the eyes of Demetrius. Mixed with an Athenian, wants, Puck brings flower juice sleeping Lysander’s eyes so that when he woke up, immediately falls in love with Helena and Hermia his refusal.


How it all comes down

At his palace in Athens, Duke Theseus and his wife out to be, Hippolyte, the Amazon queen who was recently defeated by Theseus and his army. Theseus is very excited to get excited (in just four days) and spend her wedding night with Hippolyte. He promises to marry would be more fun than being defeated in battle. (Well, we hope).

Egeus, an Athenian citizen, arrived at the palace of Theseus, with the crisis. He has worked on his daughter Hermia to marry Demetrius, but this other guy named Lysander was able to steal the heart of his daughter. Now, Hermia refuses to marry Demetrius. Egeus wants Hermia is furious and gives Theseus the death penalty for his disobedience to the laws of Athens. (Yikes! Must stop being a control freak.)

Duke Theseus wants to be reasonable, which advises Hermia be a good girl and listen to your father. Hermia refuses to drive, Theseus gives two options: 1) accepting the death penalty as punishment for disobedience, or 2) becoming a nun and a virgin forever. Hermia has four days to decide his fate. (Yes, the wedding day of Theseus and Hippolyta is Strange.)

Demetrius and Lysander are bickering over who was to marry the beautiful Hermia. Demetrius DIBS think it should have because the father loves Hermia him the best and has already given permission to marry his daughter. Lysander argues that it should get Hermia, Hermia loves him because reality. In addition, Demetrius has too much baggage – he used to go steady with her friend Hermia, Helena, who is still in love with Demetrius.

Secretly, Lysander and Hermia will meet in the nearby woods. Once there, take the house of Lysander’s aunt (who is outside the jurisdiction of Athens) and get married. As the couple decides to run away, traveling friend Hermia in Helena is a disaster because she still loves Demetrius – who is crushed that he wants to marry Hermia. Young lovers ensures that Helen has nothing to fear because they intend to flee, which means that Demetrius is simple and ready to mix.

After the departure of the happy couple, Helen decided to squeal to Demetrius of Hermia and Lysander plan to escape. In this way, Demetrius is sure to follow the lovers on the run, and so can follow Helena Demetrius, who will be fun and cost him nothing but dignity. With it, we have a romantic chase.

Meanwhile, a group of Athenian artisans (called the “mechanical”) is preparing a play for Theseus’s wedding to come. The play is the tragic story of two young lovers; Pyramus and Thisbe (think Romeo and Juliet story.) But clearly, mechanical are terrible and the actors are ignorant about how to stage a play. The group decided to practice playing in the woods.

Cut into the woods, where we find Puck (aka Robin Good fellow), and a goblin known for the things that women like to play in town. This item is Charismatic Oberon, king of the fairies. Titania, queen of the fairies, Oberon and also produced, are in a battle that has transformed the natural world upside down. (We’re talking about severe storms that caused flooding and hunger, which is something of Shakespeare’s original audience addressed in the 1590’s.)

The source of conflict is a “good” Indian boy that Titania has been raised as an adopted son. Oberon is jealous and wants the child as their homepage (errand boy). Oberon refuses to dance, Revel, or participate with Titania, until she agreed to give up the child. Titania flatly refuses and says he will raise the child as their own, as a favor to the boy’s dead mother, a friend back in India Titania.

Oberon, Titania is making plans for the night magical charm Love “off”, which makes him fall in love with the first being seen. Oberon is hoping that when Titania wakes up, sees the monstrous beast, and fell in love. Hopefully, Titania is so crazy in Love, he would always lose interest and that a child may Oberon. Titania is also completely humiliated.

That night, Helena and Demetrius walk in the woods. Demetrius is desperately trying to get rid of Helena. The problem is that Helen will not leave him alone, because she wants to be his one true love. Looks pathetic display of Helena, Oberon said before the couple leaves the forest, their role should be reversed: Demetrius should be more obsequious Helena. Mischief is preparing! Oberon leaves Titania enchanted with the love potion. He instructs Puck to find this young man in the Athenian garments (traveling with a girl), and enchant the hell out of it. Small washer not knows that there is more of a young man of Athens on the night of the woods.

Elsewhere in the wood, Hermia and Lysander are lost. It’s about time they went to bed, and Lysander suggests that they share a bed Forest Floor. Hermia should not take it, and says Lysander is located far away from him. The two fall asleep.

Puck hits sleeping couple and saw that the Lysander is a young man dressed in Athens, the Puck’s love juice in his eyes landfills. (Whoops.) Then there’s Helena, Lysander and accidentally trips on a bed at the same time continue to Demetrius. Lysander wakes up and immediately notified his love, Elena, and follows it into deeper woods.

Meanwhile, Hermia has slept through the love juice dumping, tripping and falling, and to declare love. When Lysander wakes up and realizes it is gone, headed for the woods in search of him, unaware that her boyfriend is in love with her friend Helen.

As the four young lovers chasing around the woods, the Athenian craftsmen (mechanics) to practice their game closely. It is obvious that our team of nonprofessional actors is quite incompetent to entertain Puck; the mischievous elf is the repetition behind the scenes. Puck decides to make a joke in the background, one of the worst actors, turning the man’s head on a donkey.

When Puck integrates its slightly less fun, Mechanicals are terrified of the underside of the head of the donkey and run away in terror. Fund, which is oblivious to his amendment, indicates that his friends are just trying to “make my ass” on him. (He he) Raises the emotion Titania, was sleeping nearby, and is administered juice Magic Love. Take look down and immediately falls in love.

Meanwhile, Oberon, clashes with Demetrius and Helena, and poured the juice of love in the eyes of Demetrius’. Uh-oh. Woe Alert! When you find that Oberon Titania is in love with a donkey, he is excited. Then Demetrius, Hermia and appear, however, and Oberon soon discovers that the juice splashes into the eyes of love Puck wrong in Athens. (Remember, Puck put the Potion in the eyes of Lysander instead of Demetrius approx)

Puck returns, leading Helena, which is followed by Lisandro lovesick. Demetrius wakes up and immediately said Helen to her goddess. Just in time, Hermia wander, attracted by the voices of Lysander. Now that the four together, Lisandro said it was too in love with Helena. (Hermia poor, before the four men entered the forest, the two were in love with her and now Lysander and Demetrius hot for Helen.) Hélène think it’s just a joke and begins to talk to Hermia. Then the children fight a little more about Helen and compete in a game of fisticuffs. They run into battle, somewhere in the forest. Helen Hermia decides to take before he becomes violent and scratches on his eyes or something. Hermia chases her.

Puck and Oberon are watching all this. Oberon orders Puck to cast a shadow over the night so the boy’s belligerents cannot find another. When the boys are asleep, Puck is to use the Law of the love potion on Lysander’s eyes so he will fall in love with Hermia. The hope is that fans will wake up the happy couple. Puck follows these instructions.

Meanwhile, Titania fits always love the background, there is fortunate to be raised by fairies and Fairy Queen. Oberon lightly beat the Indian boy from the love of Titania-crazy earlier this evening. Now he sees Titania as pathetic, its time to bring it back to his senses. He asks Puck to transform the basis of his natural self. Oberon enchants Titania UN, and as she wakes from a dream. Oberon suggests ass face down next to her and promises to explain later.

The next morning, Theseus appears in the woods with Hippolyte (his wife), Aegean (Dad Hermia), and a hunting party. Theseus finds the four young Athenian sleeps on the ground in the forest. He wakes up and wonders what might have gathered. Lisandro admits that his plan to flee with Hermia, Demetrius and also explains who is currently in the love of Helena. So the two couples are happy in love and seem to have forgotten the events of last night. Aegean requires the death penalty will be, but Theseus replaces him, stating that the youth of married him and tonight Hippolyta.

After leaving the elderly, the quartet talk about last night, admitting he was dreaming. Netherlands wakes up out of young love and talk about the strange dream he had. Then he hurried back to Athens, where pleasantly surprised by all the mechanisms of their presence. At this time, Duke and other couples who were married, and it’s time to get their festive entertainment. The mechanics are preparing for their plays.

The game begins. It is well known tragedy of Pyramus and Thisbe, two lovers separated by a wall. They speak through a hole in the wall and decide to meet in the moonlight on Nino’s tomb is. Thisbe arrives early, but finds a lion, making it run away, accidentally leaving his cloak, like a toy lion. Thisbe, Pyramus is broken coat and looks like a lion maimed. He stabs himself, assuming that your daughter is dead. Thisbe and then shows also chooses suicide. So everyone is dead, but the public do not take it too seriously, since it was so poorly executed. After the show, Theseus wishes of the couple in bed.

Puck returns to the stage to talk about the scary stuff of the night, and sweep the door, the promises the couple will be happy and safe house. He finished the game by saying that if you feel to play (The Dream of a Summer Night), was absurd, you just applaud and imagine it was all a dream.

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