A Passage to India Character List

Dr. Aziz – intelligent, emotional Chandrapore’s Indian doctor. Aziz tries to make friends with Adela Quested, Mrs. Moore, and Cyril Fielding. Later, Adela falsely accuses Aziz of attempted rape after an expedition to the caves Marabar, but the charges dropped after Adela’s testimony at trial. Aziz likes to write and recite poetry. He has three children, his wife died several years before the start of the novel. Read in-depth analysis of Dr. Aziz.
Cyril Fielding – The Director of Government College near Chandrapore. Fielding is an independent man who believes in educating the Indians as individuals, a much more sympathetic to the indigenous population than most of the British in India. Fielding befriends Dr Aziz which is side physician the rest English in Chandrapore when Aziz accused attempted rape Adela Quested. Read in-depth analysis of Cyril Fielding.
Miss Adela Quested – A young, intelligent, curious, but not repressed English. Adela trips to India with Mrs. Moore to decide or not to marry Mrs. Moore’s son Ronny. Miss Quested open mind begins with desires to learn about the Indians and see the real India. Later, she falsely accuses Aziz of attempted rape in Marabar caves.

Mrs. Moore – An elderly woman who travels the English in India with Adela Quested. Mrs Moore wants to see the country and we hope that Adela is going to marry her son Ronny. Ms. Moore befriends Dr. Aziz, who she feels a spiritual connection with him. It was a disturbing experience with the strange echoes in the caves Marabar, which makes it feel a sense of fear, especially in relationships. Ms. Moore is quick to return to England, and died at sea during the crossing. Read in-depth analysis of Mrs. Moore.

Ronny Heaslop – the son of Mrs. Moore, a judge at Chandrapore. Ronny, even if he trained, and an open heart, has become a prejudiced and intolerant of the Indians since he moved to India, as standard in most of the British to serve there. Ronny was briefly engaged to Adela Quested, even if it does not seem particularly keen on him.

Read in-depth analysis of Ronny Heaslop.

Mr. Turton – a collector, a man who dominates the Chandrapore. Mr. Turton is intrusive and hard, but the more discreet than his wife.

Mrs. Turton – Turton wife. In his interaction with the Indians, is the stereotypical image of the quintessential novel of Mrs. Turton snobs, rude wife, and English colonial prejudices.

Mr. McBryde – The Superintendent of Police Chandrapore, who developed a theory that seeks to explain inferiority of the darker skinned races of skin. McBryde, if condescending, actually shows a greater tolerance for the indigenous English than most do. Not surprisingly, they are friendly and Fielding AcquaIN distances. McBryde is against mentality of the English group Chandrapore when divorced from his wife after having had an affair with Miss Derek.

Major Callendar – Chandrapore civil surgeon, Dr. Aziz superior. Major Callendar was an arrogant, cruel, intolerant and ridiculous.

Professor Godbole – A Hindu Brahmin who teaches at the College of Fielding. Godbole is very spiritual and reluctant to engage in human affairs.

Hamidullah – Dr. Aziz’s uncle and friend. Hamidullah, who educated at Cambridge, believes that friendship between Englishmen and Indians are more likely be in England than in India. Hamidullah was a close friend of Fielding and Fielding, Aziz met before.

Ali Mahmood – A lawyer friend of Aziz, who is deeply pessimistic about the English.

Nawab Bahadur – the main promoter Chandrapore. Nawab Bahadur is a rich, generous and loyal to England. When he tries Aziz, however, renounces the title in protest.

Dr. Panna Lal – A low-born doctor and rival Hindu Aziz. Dr. Panna Lal intends to testify at trial against Aziz, but pardon after Aziz is free.

Stella Moore – daughter of Mrs. Moore from his second marriage. Stella married later Fielding’s novel.

Ralph Moore – the son of the second marriage of Mrs. Moore, a sensitive young man.

Miss Derek – A young English woman working for a wealthy Indian family, often driving their car. Miss Derek relaxed and has a good sense of humor, but many English Chandrapore to blame him, given his presence inappropriate.

Amritrao – The lawyer defending Aziz during his trial. Amritrao is a powerful anti-British husband.

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