A Passage to India Plot Overview and Summary

Two English, Miss Adela Quested young and the elderly Mrs. Moore, the trip to India. Adela expected to engaged to Mrs. Moore’s son, Ronny, a British magistrate in the Indian city of Chandrapore. Adela and Mrs. Moore each hoping to see the real India during their visit, rather than cultural institutions imported by the British.
At the same time, Aziz, a young Muslim doctor in India, is increasingly frustrated by the bad treatment it receives in the hands of England. Aziz is particularly angry with Major Callendar, the civil surgeon, who has a tendency to invite Aziz for trivial reasons in the middle of dinner. Aziz, and two of his friends caught, and Hamidullah, Mahmoud Ali, a lively debate about the fact that India can become friends with the British in India. That night, Mrs. Moore and Aziz you happen to bump into them while exploring the local mosque, and the two became friendly. Aziz touched and surprised that the person treats him as an English friend.
Mr. Turton, the Collector Chandrapore government, a party to Adela and Mrs. Moore might the opportunity to meet some of the largest and richest Indians in the city. In the event, which happens to rather clumsy, Adela meets Cyril Fielding, director of the School of Government Chandrapore. Fielding, Adela impressed by the friendliness open to Indians, she and Mrs. Moore invited to tea with him and Professor Godbole Hindus. At the request of Adele Fielding invites Aziz to tea.
At tea, Aziz and Fielding soon made friends, and is by far the most pleasant in the afternoon until Heaslop Ronny arrives and abruptly ended the party. Later that evening, Adela tells Ronny that he decided not to marry him. But that night, two cars in an accident and emotion of the event due to change Adela idea of ​​a marriage.
Soon after, Aziz organizes an expedition to the nearby caves Marabar for those who attended the Fielding tea. Professor Fielding and Godbole miss the train Marabar, so Aziz continued alone with the two women, Adela and Mrs. Moore. Inside one of the caves, Ms. Moore disturbed by the small space, which is very popular due to Aziz, and the strange echo that seems to translate every sound that makes the sound “boom”.
Aziz, Adela, and instructions are in the upper caves, while Ms. Moore is waiting below. Adela, suddenly realizing that she does not love Ronny, asks Aziz if more than one wife-a question that is offensive. Aziz storm in a cave, and when he returned, Adela away. Aziz scolds instructions to lose Adela, and the guide escaped. Aziz finds Adela broken binoculars and head down the hill. Back to the picnic site, Aziz expected Fielding. Aziz is indifferent to learn that Adela made an emergency car Chandrapore he delighted to see Fielding. Back to Chandrapore however Aziz stopped unexpectedly. He accused of attempted rape Adela Quested while she was in the caves, a charge based on a claim made Adela.
Fielding, faith Aziz to innocent, Angers whole of British India by joining the Indians to defend Aziz. In the weeks before trial. Racial tensions between Indians and English increased considerably the rocket Ms. Moore distracted and miserable because of his memory of the echo in the cave, and because of his impatience with the upcoming trial. Adela was emotional and ill, she also seems to suffer from an echo in his mind. Ronny tired of the lack of support Ms. Moore Adela, and it agreed that Ms. Moore will be back in England sooner than expected. Mrs. Moore died on the way back to England, but not before she discovers that there is no “real India”, but rather a complex mosaic of India’s.
At trial Aziz, Adela, under oath, when asked about what happened in the caves. Surprisingly, she says she made a mistake: Aziz is not the person or thing that attacked her in the cave. Aziz is free, Fielding and Adela companions at Government College, where she spent the next few weeks. Fielding begins to meet Adela, recognition of his bravery order to speak against his peers Aziz innocent. Ronny breaks her engagement to Adela, and she returned to England.
Aziz is angry, however, that friendship would Adela Fielding, after nearly destroyed the life of Aziz, and the friendship of two men to suffer accordingly. Fielding then sails visit to England. Aziz claims he was with England and that he plans to move to a place where he does not need to addressed.
Two years later, Aziz became the Chief Medical Rajah, and Mau, the Hindu region of several hundred miles away Chandrapore. Fielding has married Adela heard that soon after his return to England. Aziz is now bitterly hate all the English. One day, walking through the ancient temple of his three children, faces Fielding and his brother-in-law. Aziz surprised to learn that the name of his brother-in-law Ralph Moore, and shows that Fielding has married Adela Quested is not, but Stella Moore, Mrs. Moore’s daughter from his second marriage.
Aziz befriends Ralph. After he accidentally runs into his boat Fielding, Aziz renewed his friendship with Fielding as well. The two men go for a last trip together before leaves Fielding, where Aziz tells Fielding that when the British India, the two will be able to  friends. Fielding wonders why they could not be friends now that they both want be, but heaven and earth seem to say “No, not yet …. No, not there. “

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