ASVAB Study Guide

If you plan to participate in the military, you should know about the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude battery, or ASVAB. It is often given to 11 students, but all join the army has to go through it. It is used to determine a person’s skills and abilities in a variety of subjects and allows the military to place the person in the best possible slot for a person with this specific qualification.

ASVAB is a multiple-choice question and is divided by eight. Each section has its own score, and combined to come up with a composite score. E ‘marked on the basis of a percentage point, so 99 are the highest score possible. Several branches of the military have a minimum of several composite outcomes, and change from one branch of work. The higher the score, the more job options and you can get. If you do not take in high school, you can take the test at the nearest military entrance processing, or armory or recruiting station. It’s time, and it takes about three hours.

The sections are: General Science-25 questions on life sciences, earth and physical. Reasoning-30 arithmetic questions involving basic math. Word Knowledge-35 questions on vocabulary and synonyms. Paragraph Comprehension-15 questions test your reading and comprehension. Mathematical knowledge, 25 questions on mathematical concepts and how to use? Information-20 Electronics questions about the basic principles of electronics. Information-25 and Auto Shop questions about car, boat maintenance and repair of them and work with wood and metal. Mechanical Comprehension-25 questions about the properties of different materials, and mechanical principles.

His score on the ASVAB is a very important factor in what position you’re taking in the army, and whether its effects will be felt throughout his military career. You should try to do better on the test because many are riding on it.

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