English Present and Future

The history of English language a cultural subject
He was the remarkable chronicler of  twelfth century. He was Henry of Huntington who observed that the interest in the past was a very outstanding quality of a man as compared to the other animals. When the cultivated man and woman is conscious about his deficiencies of education without having much known about the past he was urged  to discover even his mother tongue. The ways of his communication Science, Philosophy or Poetry is surely the worthy of  study. But it is also not sure that all the people follow these things. Also not all even the educated person should really know about  his language. He is known in the world by his communication status to the other cultures and regions.
Influence at work on language
The today’s English language is the development of many centuries ago English. The politics and sociology have darkly effected the English and the people in their life. The great change of religion in 597 in Britain brought the change in the language and connected English to the other cultures. This change resulted in the mixture of two different people and their languages.
In 1066 the English was so much changed and gained the supremacy over all languages. The English language reflected in the nation development of the English people.
Growth and Decay
English is also the subject to the constant growth and decay of the people like all other  languages but we can not language as the matter of life all the languages change  but the language which do not change we call the dead language like classical language. The regular change in the language is seen through vocabulary. Some words finishes some new words creates and some change the meaning. The pronunciation also change like “Stan has become stone”, “cu has become cow”. It is also a spelling. This is the gradual phonetic modification or grammatical change. The changing of forms of the verb “analogy” also effects the language.
The importance of a language
The language is live till when its users are present. When the users of the language are important the language is also important like English, French, German and nowadays Chinese.For this reason the language is studied widely outside its basic region.Sometimes the language gain so much importance that it stays importance along time after loosing its greatness.
The importance of English language
The  English language is naturally very great more then 340 million people speaks it in the northern and western countries.It is the mostly speaking of the some important countries.But the importance of the language is not only the highest number of its native speakers it also depends on the importance of people who speak it.The importance of language is automatically fixed in the minds of people around the world.The importance of language is related to the importance the people and the importance of people is related with their contribution to the progress of the world.

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