English Tenses

English Tense

What Is A Tense?

  • Verbal Inflection
  • Time and Action of time

Types Of  A Tense:

There are three types of a tense:

                      1. Past Tense

                      2. Present Tense

                      3. Future Tense

Subdivision Of Each Tense:

            Each Tense is further subdivided into four branches:

Subdivision Of Past Tense:

 a. Past Indefinite Tense/Past Simple Tense/Past Indicative Tense

 b. Past Continuous Tense/Past Progressive Tense

 c. Past Perfect Tense

 d. Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Subdivision Of Present Tense:

a. Present Indefinite Tense/Present Simple Tense/Present Indicative Tense

b. Present Continuous Tense/Present Progressive Tense

c. Present Perfect Tense

d. Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Subdivision Of Future Tense:

a. Future Indefinite Tense/Future Simple Tense/Future Indicative Tense

b.  Future Continuous Tense/Future Progressive Tense

c.   Future Perfect Tense

d. Future Perfect Continuous Tense

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