Finding Purity

There are lots of realities which are mostly unknown to a common person. Most probably time never stays friend instead of few vary moments, which stay also always unpredictable and unfathomable. Mountains, rock mountains the most solid state on the phases of earth predictably revealed the same and simultaneously the Fate appears the same on this worldly life of world.

Wonders are here and there and such wonder expression upon an over the sensibility of mental energies who intend to realize the given guidance and earthly realities the most vital is the relationship of Man with his Creator when Lord becomes annoyed, when becomes kind, when begins His great blessings and when one wept and cried over again and again over one thing even than stays or remain in same condition for years and Lord, not even makes a little glance of mercy, and one just search the Divine Essence for his circle of life.
Thus, over instinct of such findings wonder upon the Nature and Natural Essence. If someone does why, upon the Fate’s element one can be instinctively criminal if say yes over the fate games than stays like prisoner. Walk upon the given road of fate than it’s obvious to climb mountains ahead if halted somewhere than the obligation will be waiting list person and tagged to be wait ever till next opportunity.

Over more, many of the findings are which can be elaborated or can be part of speech but there is rest many which cannot be defined for which words cannot be enough to lock over.

Divine Essence is a vivid topic to write but the main relationship between Divine Essence and the crown of creation is of Divine Love, Divine understanding and Divinity needs nothing just the awareness of human consciousness.

For the divinity and for the divine essence the Presence is everywhere the acknowledgement should sustained? Existence is everywhere to feel and to obey to real is the major cause. Religious, doctrines and myths mentioning all the major requirements or the essence for humans to lead their lives ideal or to grow over earth. But there is one way, one major way to understand the true depth of Presence, Existence, Divinity and human real soul essence this could be by mysticism by mystical identity and trying over and over to understand this could be possible by open the door and eyes ever the external world and then link deep inside and to think over reasons.

Mystically, the quest this very search which gives situational awareness, self-recognization/awareness, instinctive knowledge and then route towards Maker’s recognization and awareness. Fate is a writing which cannot be over-write but few gaps and pages are empty where human Will, effort can jungle over it.

To find something is always to explore the uniqueness, the unique or precious things estimated as the symbol of soul tranquility to achieve. Impossibilities require possible opportunity and they can be ventured only upon the good will of human actions. Earthly findings are way to the unearthly findings, the ways and actions in this world lead to another to select the ultimate sadness or happiness.

Motives for the findings should be positively enough must sustain the Divine Essence as the without it nothing is possible and human can do anything but not everything without that. World essence is just for the acknowledgement of Divine essence the one who understand the standards would enhance it more brilliantly.


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