Frankenstein Character List

Victor Frankenstein – The ruined character and narrator of the major part of the story. Understanding in Ingolstadt, Victor understands the technique of lifestyle and brings about a wise but repulsive huge, from whom he recoils in fear. Victor keeps his generation of The Monster a technique, sensation progressively more responsible and humiliated, as he knows how dependent he is to reduce The Monster from damaging his lifestyle and the day-to-day lives of others.

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The Monster – The eight-foot-tall, hideously unsightly generation of Victor Frankenstein. Intelligent and susceptible, The Monster efforts to incorporate himself into human being sociable styles, but all who see him avoid him. His sensation of abandonment forces him to search for vengeance against his designer.

Robert Walton – The Arctic seafarer whose characters make Frankenstein. Walton selections the bedraggled Victor Frankenstein up off the ice, assists doctor him rear again to wellness, and understands Victor’s story. His information the amazing story in a line of characters dealt with to his sibling, Maggie Saville, in Britain.

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Alphonse Frankenstein – Victor’s dad, very considerate toward his son. Alphonse units Victor in times of suffering and motivates him to consider the significance of family.

Elizabeth Lavenza – An orphan, four to five years fresh than Victor, whom the Frankenstein’s take up. In the 1818 variation of the novel, Electronic is Victor’s relation, the kid of Alphonse Frankenstein’s sibling. In the 1831 variation, Victor’s mom saves Electronic from a destitute peasant holiday cottage in Italia. Electronic represents the novel’s style of inactive women, as she stays with patience for Victor’s interest.

Henry Clerval – Victor’s boyhood companion, who medical professionals Victor rear again to wellness in Ingolstadt. After working unhappily for his dad, Mom starts to adhere to along with in Victor’s actions as a researcher. His cheerfulness displays Victor’s moroseness.

Bill Frankenstein – Victor’s newest sister and the favorite of the Frankenstein family. The Monster strangles Bill in the wood outside Geneva in order to harm Victor for breaking him. William’s passing greatly saddens Victor and problems him with enormous shame about having designed The Monster.

Justine Moritz – A fresh woman used into the Frankenstein family while Victor is increasing up. Justine is attributed and carried out for William is hard, which actually dedicated by The Monster.

Caroline Beaufort – The kid of Beaufort. After her dad is passing, Caroline is taken in by, and later marries, Alphonse Frankenstein. She passes away of scarlet nausea, which she agreements from Electronic, just before Victor simply leaves for Ingolstadt at age 18.

Beaufort – A business and companion of Victor’s father; the dad of Caroline Beaufort.

Peasants – A category of peasants, together with a shades old man, De Lacey; his son and kid, Felix and Agatha; and an overseas person called Safie. The Monster understands how to discuss and work together by following them. When he explains himself to them, wanting for relationship, they defeat him and adhere to him away.

M. Waldman – The lecturer of biochemistry who leads to Victor’s desire in research. He dismisses the alchemists’ results as misguided but sympathizes with Victor’s desire in a research that can describe the “big concerns,” such as the beginning of lifestyle.

M. Krempe – A lecturer of all-natural beliefs at Ingolstadt. He dismisses Victor’s research of the alchemists as spent time and motivates him to start his research over.

Mr. Kirwin – The justice of the peace who accuses Victor of Henry is hard.

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