I Can’t Live Without You…!

Major Characters

  • Rizwan; He is the egoist husband of Fraheen.
  • Farheen; She is the most beautiful wife of Rizwan Amen.
  • Mansoor; He is the pious and noble person and husband of Fakhra.
  • Fakhra; She is the sister of Rizwan Amen and she is sacrificing character.

Minor Characters

  • Amen; He is the father of Rizwan and Fakhra.
  • Musarat; She is the wife of Mr. Ameen and she is sensitive women.
  • Molvi; He is the religious person who announced a religious term ‘Halala’ to solve the problem of Divorce.


The story starts from the happy family of Rizwan and his wife Farheen. Actually, they get a love marriage and loved each other a lot. Therefore, there was a better understanding between them. But the worse and cruel hand of destiny is always
sorrowful and painful.

One day, they celebrate their wedding anniversary, they arranged a party, and both were very excited with their one year baby boy. There were a lot of guests and their family members. All were very happy to see them happy and prosper. In three hours party, all enjoyed very well. After that party, Farheen asked a question very happily to her husband Rizwan ‘Do you love me?? He said, ‘obviously yes!
Suddenly she asked one more question, Can you live without me?? Than he replied, YES!!
She became angry and said to him rudely, ‘You can’t live without me, I know….’ But he again said, ‘I can live without you
Actually he was just joking to his beautiful wife but she took it very seriously. After the warm talk about that topic, Rizwan speak in anger ‘I can live without my wife’ just to break his wife’s ego.
Now he made that question most egoists!!

Suddenly he announced ‘‘‘Divorce’’’ to break her ego and to win his ego in front of his wife. TO speak that he wanted to prove that he can live without his wife Farheen. After a while, he realizes that what happened with him, he thought that ‘He has announced Divorce to his lovely wife in his Ego in front of his mother and sister. To listen that his mother became so worried. Rizwan began crying now!! His wife lost to listen that….’ So, he started saying

‘I can’t live without you…my love!! I can’t leave you……!!

But now the matter was serious and his words were worthless for her. So, his mother called a ‘Molve’ To solve that problem. The ‘Molve’ announced ‘Halala’ to solve that problem.Molve suggested that “Farheen should get marriage to another person and if that person will give her ‘Divorce’ to his own wiliness then she can get marriage to Rizwan”.
So, Rizwan’s sister Fakhra sugguested that Farheen should get marriage with her husband……because she knows better that her husband is pious and noble person, he can give divorce to Farheen easily and then her brother Rizwan will be happy to have his wife Farheen. Therefore, Fakhra agreed her husband to get second marriage with Farheen to solve that
problem. Mansoor said to his wife Fakhra ‘I can’t live without you….my love’.
Finally, Fakhra’s husband Mansoor became agree with the force of all. After all Mansoor get marriage to Farheen. After two days of that marriage, all were waiting for divorce. Finally, Rizwan came to Mansoor and ask him about divorce. But he neglected. After spending one week, Mansoor rejected to give her ‘divorce’ and said that ‘I can’t live without my wife’.
Farheen also settled with Mansoor and she also rejected to walk with Rizwan. And there’s a lot of tears in her eyes when she were saying that ‘My husband can’t live without me, which am why I can’t leave him’.
Because of that Rizwan became alone and his sister Fakhra has a Sotan. Rizwan has lost the all happiness of his life because of his One minute EGO. Because of his ego, he has lost his lovely and beautiful wife and he became alone with his one year baby boy Waqar. His sister gets disturbance and a Sotan. And Fakhra said to Mansoor in her heart ‘I can’t live without you…my love’.
But her husband can’t listen the voice of her heart’s voice. That sotan, who was the lovely wife of her own brother Rizwan.
Now, they all live as it is………

One minute of ego of Rizwan has destroyed the lives and snatches the happiness of their one year’s child also.
Often Rizwan says in his loneliness that ‘I can’t live without you….. My love…..my child’s mother!!!

By: Aajiz

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