Lord of the Flies Character List

Rob –  The novel’s character, the twelve-year-old British boy who decided chief of the number of young children marooned on the region. Rob work to organize the boys’ operate to make a small many on the region until they would rescue. Rob signifies human being beings’ civilizing thought, in contrast to the savage thought that Port represents.
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Jack –  The novel’s villain, one of the old-young children trapped on the region. Port becomes the chief of the seeker but wants for complete energy and becomes progressively crazy, crude, and terrible as the novel continues. Port, successful at adjusting the other young children, signifies the thought of savagery within people, in contrast to the civilizing thought Rob signifies.
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Simon –  A shy, susceptible boy in the collection. Simon, in some methods the only normally “good” individuality on the region, functions please toward the young children and is willing to use for the good of their area. Moreover, because his drive seated in his heavy sensation of connectedness to characteristics, Simon is the only individuality whose sensation of values does not seem to made by area. Simon signifies a type of normal rewards, in contrast to the loads of nasty of Port and the values of many showed by Rob and Piggy.
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Piggy –  Ralph’s “lieutenant.” A whiny, mental boy, Piggy’s inventiveness regularly results in technology, such as the make shift sundial that the young children use to tell time. Piggy signifies the medical, logical area of many.

Roger –  Jack’s “lieutenant.” A vicious, terrible old boy who brutalize the littluns and gradually killings Piggy by moving a boulder onto him.

Sam and Eric –  A couple of twin babies strongly allied with Rob. Sam and Eric are always together, and the other young children often cure them as 1 business, contacting them “Samneric.” The effortlessly excitable Sam and Eric are a piece of the collection known as the “bigguns.” At the end of the novel, they drop sufferer to Jack’s treatment and coercion.

The Master of the Travels –  The name given to the sow’s brain that Jack’s company impaled on a spot and erects in the do as an providing to the “beast.” The Master of the Travels comes to show the primordial intuition of energy and harshness that take management of Jack’s group.

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