The Microsoft 70-680 Certification Exam

The Microsoft 70-680 Certification Exam

Every one of the Microsoft certification exams offered is valuable in the job market, but the 70-680 exam is particularly valuable in the current employment arena as it covers the Windows 7 OS and the configuration methodologies employed by IT professionals in this widely utilized operating system.

 The 70-680 Microsoft certification exam is also applicable to a number of formal certifications, including the Enterprise Administrator, Enterprise Desktop Administrator 7, and the Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7 credentials.

 Passing the 70-680 exam requires that you’re able to operate with the Microsoft Windows 7 OS in an enterprise environment. It’s recommended that you have a minimum of one year of hands-on experience in administering Windows client OS in an environment that is networked. You should also be capable of installing, deploying and upgrading a Windows OS to the Windows 7 version.

 Practicing your skills and knowledge before taking the 70-680 exam is crucial. Gain as much real-world experience with the OS as you can. Also spend some time taking practice exams from a good certification exam prep service in order to know what to expect from the exam questions on the 70-680 Microsoft certification exam.

 In addition to preparing yourself mentally for the exam, a good exam prep service will also offer tutorials and other helpful resources to assist you in learning the necessary materials for passing the 70-680 exam successfully.

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