Soul & Body Perfection

Global research across the spectrum of young people have some interesting trends in the world. The most obvious is that everyone wants to look perfect – thin read. About sixty years ago, was good and is fully Marilyn Monroe has held, but somewhere along the way of defining God is changed, and the image of idol was Twiggy … slender, thin, almost sexless in place. It’s really surprising, as the archetype of sexually attractive women can not be thin stick, which goes against all the instincts of nature. Disproportionate breasts balanced on a small size and with the support of a pencil thin legs and is almost endless (if not more), not by nature to achieve. And I doubt too many plastic surgeons could do. The human body can not balance these anomalies for too long. Silicone breast pockets are a testament to the skill of a surgeon to play God … permanently.
The result of this obsession with thinness has manifested a physiological disorder that has reached epidemic proportions in the developed world, and the alarming rates of exposure, even in developing countries. Barbie as her ideal figure, girls are taking extreme measures to ‘integrate’ and affects your body chemistry and hormonal health for the rest of their lives, perhaps even a danger to the health of future generations. .. for sick mothers can give birth to sick children. Anorexic girls may have different physical problems such as decreased or absent ovulation, menstruation, even so it can not have children at all. But then, at the age of 15 years who is ashamed of having children?

Studies suggest that about 1% of the youth of the world population suffers from anorexia women – the technical term for starvation to be thin. In this process, some even die of hunger! Magical thinking begins early, even school girls before puberty and not in college are now aware of their marital status … probably no one told them they are still growing and damage to their growth process will lead to serious problems later in life. In fact, this is what would sound the alarm call of our medical authorities, more than half of teens (worldwide) are or think they should be thinner, almost everyone agrees is thin beautiful, and finally, three out of every hundred girls 8-14 concludes with serious eating disorders like anorexia. To imitate their favorite stars, so good (some of these celebrities are anorexic self, putting at best, an example inhuman).

Where to start? With our society’s sexist toys given to children. Guns and tanks are small children, can make your fantasies come true in today’s violent world, since violence will not be fashionable in recent decades. But girls are not Barbie … animals, stories, dress and imitate. Barbie is a fantasy, his stats are certainly not human, but then who said anything about the real world? While the average woman will rise to five feet four inches tall, weighs between 60 and 70 pounds as an adult and wear a size 12, one of the six senses Barbie, only weighs 50 kg and manages to fall into a size 4-dress. What are dreams made? Most children who are caught in this trap do not even know that the images of their idol of beauty have changed electronically in most cases, the airbrush, a lie … generally trafficked to eliminate all defects. Barbie and the best of creation from a plastic mold ….

Anorexia or his evil sister, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is bad news for young people. In the U.S., BDD attack is 2 percent of the population, which is a concern for non-pathological conditions, and shows a sick mind, rather than an unhealthy body. People with BDD are painfully aware of each body site. Their behavior is irrational and impractical, often leads to excessive weight loss, steroid abuse, unnecessary plastic surgery and even suicide. The danger lies in the fact that for anorexia or BDD, a large number of patients than ever, even compared to the clinics because they do not think they need help, affection, and can be much more widespread than we say statistics. Mental health care can evaluate the behavior of a person diagnosed with BDD, but then who thinks he needs a psychiatrist when every teenager who is spending sleepless nights in his shin to come! This inability to deal with situations is the beginning of problems.

Who are these young women to think that way? The question should be rephrased to get these young women to stop thinking that way? Excessive concern with appearance, their total commitment to each gram of fat in the body, every pore of his skin and each of the damaged muscles of the UN in shades … which leads them to be so obsessed with his appearance? The answer lies in two directions. To begin, it is the feeling of self-esteem grown (or not grown) in the family. One child looks-obsessed parents are unlikely to be familiar with how it looks. On the other hand, a child from a stable family that puts more emphasis on values, work and career development, will have little time for such nonsense. Yes, appearance matters, and it is important to be well cared for, but an obsessive behavior is to take the little warm too far.

For every parent with teen children, it should be a big concern, but then again, it has an amazingly simple solution, of course, in the form of prevention. A healthy, wholesome upbringing will not let these kinds of disorders enter the young, insecure mind. The peer group pressure will not be able to harm a child’s mind when she has ample emotional support from her family and confidence in herself. The first step, as usual, is from her home. Then, there are clinics and counsellors, but the damage is most often, already done. Once the growth process of an adolescent, pre-puberty body is retarded due to undernourishment or malnutrition, it is difficult to turn the clock back. Adults have to act fast, before entire generations of pubescent and pre-pubescent end up harming themselves, and a whole section of the society.

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