Stranger Slaves Of Times

“Temps attend daring impatience is a sign of the times.

The recording time is the era of the lessons are progressive and productive, the veneration of meditation is like. Voice recommend part-time image

Images containing reflections with the support of shade present, past and consistency in the future.”

People can get mad strange time and time investment, if the weather is not entitled to the expiration of the present to the past and become a healer for the events of miscalculated the impact that any man can be a part of the psychological scale. Time to save those who lady luck as a supporter and often kind, has never spare parts for those to whom fate is relentless.

Time is only a secular life, where all things are still an estimated time for the scheduled time. Time controls, but whatever the estimate or underestimates the fortunes of destiny and control is much more controlled.

Ineradicably time is not the language until it is a common voice over the centuries, first of all living creatures, especially the crown of creation, which is an important and often the victim of the statute of limitation. The time is just a drop of water on the window sill, and the sun, and went to happen very soon coverts just happened……………

The famous saying that time heals everything, true, but time is renewed and presents the nostalgia of the past, if it was so stressful and forced him to be improved. The image is part of the journey in history.

But what is time? Devlin’s Angle, to explain, there are three answers: one for physics and philosophy (for a physical phenomenon), one of psychology (perception of passing time), third in mathematics and engineering (as long as you use to measure and regulate our lives).

The time is to understand and calculate the extent of sand in ancient times, the modern, has been divided into natural frame work to manage the solar system. Time is basically a significant nature, symbolic, and Airy, its shadow is like a zoo is a showcase of decorative glass.

The weather has been shown and described in as many characters as majorly said:

Time briefed as ages to be remembered, time has been coined, time has been toyed as clock , time has been raced as horse it is fixed as statue of stone, it has speechless ambiguities and lesions, time has verbal subjects to make literature for books, time need time to sustain itself. Time the most vital, time is the most unpredictable, time unfathomable; Time is shadowy tree and sometimes a rare root to be invented.

There are lots of brave writer who had been explained and write about Time but it could not be possible assessed that it could remain friend to human or enemy but in this article the assertiveness and analysis of Time linked with Fate. Both are somewhat the mirror images stay in it remains the same and wimped out becomes mosaic.

Time, times itself, frames itself. Figure out the truth as its’ subject and fate as it’s’ chapter of knowledge and evident acceptance. Time is subject of ‘To Copy’ and remains ‘Copy of Copy’ to all the characters that been on the world stage for the Time Drama.

Driven through the hands of time, each character has its own “nature, and sometimes time it is a sign that plays a variety of different roles, and negotiated with and participation at the station to stop the train … … …. .. … … … … .. Time images are gems hidden in hundreds of shells to visit…………


Time to conquer the rulers of the time lived, and signs of age…………..

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