“The Guiding Dream” By M.S. Dogar

“How are you feeling?”

Shahid sounded and went into his cabin. Hira felt some extra warmth in his words, looked unsure and filled with spirit. She wanted to hear the deep understanding of his words but daily routine work could not allow her. She became busy.

While she was on her coffee break, she went out of her cabinet,¬† knowing that Shahid would follow her. He did,but it was a moment of change, she heard the very words which she never wanted to have, but never wanted to miss.”I like you Hira” sounded like a cold thing which pressed her skull and she could not help leaving.
Shahid, being a person belonging to a village, never looked as shy as the people of village used to be.
He was smart, handsome, well mannered and the most important was very caring for Hira. For many a time, she thought that he had feelings but she never was sure. even after hearing it, it was hard for her to believe.

All the way from office to home, she kept thinking what was that? why did he say this being an engaged fellow. Some thought regarding the nature of boys for having friendship with girls just for gup-shup and fun, but her heart never attested them. Every time she inquired the answer the question “was he true to his words?”, she found the answer “yea” , as she had found a certificate of surety found his eyes.

“Accepted, he is true to his words” what I should do now? “was the last thought which was wandering in her mind before leaving for the splendid and sweet valley of sleep.

As she slept, she saw a dream, a wonderful dream it was! a guiding dream……

She found herself in front of two mirrors during the dream.

” Hira, get the chance avail, don’t be late.” Sounded the figure from first mirror

” Don’t be selfish, knowing that he is of someone else as being engaged, you want make him yours……this¬† is selfishness.” voice came from the second mirror.

” How it can be a selfishness from your side, it was he himself who had revealed his love, it is your right to get the love which he has for you, so get it at once……” spoke the first mirror.

” True, well, it was he, but don’t you think that he is making a mistake by ignoring all the affections of his near and dears……would you like to be a part of his guilt. He would have a mother who would have always planned to have her nephew as her daughter in law……same would be with the others……would you ignore the right of all the other in-order to find yours.” Second mirror sounded.

“Whatever! don’t be silly, lucky is the person who has a person who loves him/her, Since your a lucky one, so don’t miss the chance. These kind of chances hardly come.” Voiced the first mirror.

” Human heart always sacrifice its own pleasure for the sake of others smile. You should do the same. Think about his mother, think about the girl who would always thought him as her OWN.” Second Mirror

” Its nonsense, he loves you, he wants to have you for forever, he would take care of you…..suppose you sacrifice here, but if you would nor get the person so caring as he is, then would you ever forgive yourself for making the mistake ? No,never, you would always repent, so its better to get the chance. It is fair and just to get your own part from this world.” First Mirror.

” Trust in God, If you will make happy some one else at your expense, God will also not leave you dejected. In HIS garden, the flowers are for those who leave the shade of their part for someone Else’s. ” Second Mirror

Upon this, she awoke up, being impressed by the last sentences, she make up her mind to follow it……She believed that it was guiding dream by the nature ass it lives here, loves us and guides……

By: M.S. Dogar

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