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The Scarlet Letter after the public humiliation and punishment of a young woman named Hester Prynne in mid-century Boston 17 (also known as the Massachusetts Bay). When Hester becomes pregnant, everyone thinks she is guilty of adultery, she separated from her husband for two years, and the baby could not be yours. The judges (local police) and the minister may carry a scarlet letter “A” on the bodice of her dress, so that all may know her adultery.

The Scarlet Letter, Hester begins briefly released from prison so he can parade through the city, showing him a scarlet “,” stand on the city (the public arena). He takes his daughter, Pearl, in her arms. Pearl was born in prison. Hester steadfastly refuses to show the name of the father of Pearl, so that he could escape punishment.

Husband, Hester Prynne arrives long-lost in the middle of the parade through the city. He visits her in prison before his release and asked him not to tell anyone that he is in town. His plan is to dress so he can sniff and seek revenge for her lover.

Hester’s husband tells people that he is a doctor, and he took the false name of Roger Chillingworth. Hester to keep his secrets. Chillingworth soon realizes that the minister, the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, Hester is the likely father of the child, and she pursued the minister ‘s, mind and soul day and night, for the next seven years.

The minister dares to publicly confess their sins, but his sense of guilt eats it, the current revision Chillingworth really makes him antsy. Seven years pass, and, finally, Hester realizes the harm he has done with the man who loves her husband, the father of her child. He reveals the true identity of Chillingworth Dimmesdale, and the two devise a plan to leave Boston and go to England, where they can hide, Hester’s husband, and to create a new life together.

The Minister is ultimately unable to approve the plan. Dimmesdale confesses his sin to the townspeople on the scaffold he was seven years ago, was the scene of Hester’s public humiliation. His act of dying is to open his shirt to A recorded scarlet chest revealed to his parishioners. Dimmesdale is peace throughout the confession.

When Chillingworth died about a year after his rival, Dimmesdale, he left all his money and property to Pearl. Hester and Pearl finally leave the communities where they have been losers for so many years and return to the old world (aka England). But several years later, Hester returned to New England communities that had been the site of his shame, to use the scarlet letter by his own will.

When she dies, she buried near the minister, and who share a headstone. The tablet has a picture, described as follows: “. In a field sable, the letter A, gules,” In other words, the grave marked on a scarlet letter A tug on a black background.

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