To Kill a Mockingbird Character List

Jean Louise “Scout” Finch –  The narrator and individuality of the account. Look life with her dad, Atticus, her sibling, Jem, and their dark-colored make, Calpurnia, in Maycomb. She is wise and, by the requirements of her some time to spot, a tomboy. Look has a combative ability and a simple trust in the rewards of the individuals in her area. As the novel continues, this trust is examined by the hatred and tendency that appear during Tom Robinson’s test. Look gradually grows a more grown-up point of view that helps her to appreciate human being rewards without neglecting human being nasty.
Atticus Finch –  Look and Jem’s dad, a attorney in Maycomb originated from an old regional household. A widower with a dry spontaneity, Atticus has instilled in his kids his highly effective feeling of values and legal. He is one of the few individuals of Maycomb devoted to racial equal rights. When he wants to safeguard Tom Johnson, a dark-colored man energized with raping a white-colored individual, he reveals himself and his household to the frustration of the white-colored area. With his powerfully used beliefs, information, and consideration, Atticus operates as the novel’s significant again.
Jeremy Atticus “Jem” Finch –  Scout’s sibling and continuous playmate at the outset of the account. Jem is something of a regular United states boy, question to again down from dares and fantasizing about enjoying sports. Four a long use of age than Look, he slowly distinguishes himself from her activities, but he is still her shut associate and guard throughout the novel. Jem actions into puberty during the account, and his ideas are shaken terribly by the nasty and disfavor that he perceives during the test of Tom Johnson.
Arthur “Boo” Radley –  A recluse who never models base outside his home, Boo rules the creativeness of Jem, Look, and Dill. He is a highly effective mark of rewards swathed in an first cloak of creepiness, causing little shows for Look and Jem and growing at an opportune a chance to preserve the kids. An wise kid psychologically impaired by his terrible dad, Boo provides an example of the chance that nasty creates to purity and rewards. He is one of the novel’s “mockingbirds,” a great individual impaired by the nasty of human beings.
Bob Ewell –  A consumed, mostly jobless associate of Maycomb’s poorest household. In his intentionally wrongful accusation that Tom Johnson raped his kid, Ewell signifies the disadvantage of the South: understanding, lower income, squalor, and hate-filled racial tendency.
Charles Chef “Dill” Harris –  Jem and Scout’s summer time friend and great friend. Dill is a small, comfortable boy with an productive thoughts. He becomes serious with Boo Radley and signifies the point of view of youth purity throughout the novel.
Miss Maudie Atkinson –  The Finches’ friend, a sharp-tongued widow, and an old great friend of the household. Overlook Maudie is almost the same age as Atticus’s young sibling, Port. She gives Atticus’s love for legal and is the can suffer best great friend among Maycomb’s parents.
Calpurnia –  The Finches’ dark-colored make. Calpurnia is a firm disciplinarian and the can suffer fill between the white-colored community and her own dark-colored area.
Aunt Alexandra –  Atticus’s sibling, a strong-willed individual with a intense love to her household. Alexandra is the best Lower girl, and her responsibility to propriety and history often prospects her to battle with Look.
Mayella Ewell –  Bob Ewell’s misused, single, disappointed kid. Though one can waste Mayella because of her overbearing dad, one cannot pardon her for her embarrassing indictment of Tom Johnson.
Tom Johnson –  The dark-colored area side opponent of sexual assault. Tom is one of the novel’s “mockingbirds,” an significant mark of purity impaired by nasty.
Link Deas –  Tom Robinson’s company. In his desire to look recent battle and reward the reliability of Tom’s individuality, Deas epitomizes the other of tendency.
Mrs. Mom Lafayette Dubose –  An aged, ill-tempered, improper individual who life near the Finches. Although Jem believes that Mrs. Dubose is a thoroughly bad individual, Atticus admires her for the daring with which she challenges her morphine habit.
Nathan Radley –  Boo Radley’s old sibling. Look believes that Nathan is much like the passed Mr. Radley, Boo and Nathan’s dad. Nathan cruelly slashes off an significant ingredient of Boo’s marriage with Jem and Look when he attaches up the knothole in which Boo merely leaves shows for the kids.
Heck Tate –  The sheriff of Maycomb and a significant experience at Tom Robinson’s test. Terrible is a reasonable man who tries to safeguard the simple from chance.
Mr. Underwood –  The manager of Maycomb’s paper. Mr. Underwood areas Atticus and shows his friend.
Mr. Dolphus Raymond –  A abundant white-colored man who life with his dark-colored mistress and mulatto kids. Raymond pretends to be a consumed so that the individuals of Maycomb will have an description for his conduct. In fact, he is merely experienced by the hypocrisy of white-colored community and wants lifestyle among shades of black.
Mr. Wally Cunningham –  A bad individuality and piece of the mob that wants to lynch Tom Johnson at the offender. Mr. Cunningham features his human being rewards when Scout’s politeness forces him to spread the men at the offender.
Walter Cunningham –  Son of Mr. Cunningham and classmate of Look. Wally cannot manage meal one day at classes and unintentionally gets Look in problems.

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