To the Lighthouse Characters List

To the Lighthouse Major Characters

Mrs. Ramsay – Mr. Ramsay’s spouse. An amazing and adoring woman, Mrs. Ramsay is an amazing coordinator who requires satisfaction for creating unforgettable encounters for the visitors at the loved one’s summer time house on the Region of Skye. Re-inifocing conventional sex tasks completely, she lavishes particular interest on her men visitors, who she considers have sensitive moi and need continuous help and consideration. She is a dutiful and adoring spouse but often battles with her spouse’s challenging emotions and self-centeredness. Without fall short, however, she triumphs through these hardships and shows a ability to create something much and long-lasting from the most ephemeral of conditions, such as a celebration in To the Lighthouse.
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Mr. Ramsay – Mrs. Ramsay’s partner, and a well-known transcendental thinker in To the Lighthouse. Mr. Ramsay likes his household but often functions like something of a tyrant. He tends to be self-centered and severe due to his chronic personal and expert stresses. He concerns, more than anything, that his do is minor in the huge general program of elements and that he will not be recalled by years to come. Well conscious of how endowed he is to have such an amazing household, he nevertheless tends to discipline his spouse, kids, and visitors by strenuous their continuous consideration, interest, and help.
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Lily Briscoe – A youthful, individual artist who befriends the Ramsays on the Region of Skye. Like Mr. Ramsay, Lily is affected by concerns that her doing does not have value. She starts a symbol of Mrs. Ramsay at the starting of the novel but has problems completing it. The views of men like Charles Tansley, who asserts that women cannot colour or create, jeopardize to challenge her assurance as special women of To the Lighthouse.
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James Ramsay – The Ramsays’ little son and soul of novel To the Lighthouse. James likes his mom greatly and seems a murderous antipathy toward his dad, with whom he must contend for Mrs. Ramsay’s really like and devotion. At the starting of the novel, Mr. Ramsay declines the six-year-old James’s ask for to go to the lighthouse, saying that the elements will be nasty and not allow it; ten decades later, James lastly creates the voyage with his dad and his sis Cam. By now, he has expanded into an obstinate and irritable youthful man who has much in typical with his dad, whom he detests.
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To the Lighthouse Minor Characters

Paul Rayley – A youthful companion of the Ramsays who trips them on the Region of Skye. John is a type, impressionable youthful man who follows Mrs. Ramsay’s desires in getting married to Minta Doyle.

Minta Doyle – A flighty youthful woman who trips the Ramsays on the Region of Skye. Minta marries John Rayley at Mrs. Ramsay’s desires.

Charles Tansley – A youthful thinker and scholar of Mr. Ramsay who continues to be with the Ramsays on the Region of Skye. Tansley is a ticklish and distressing man who ports deeply worries about his respectful qualifications. He often insults other people, particularly women such as Lily, whose ability and success he regularly calling into concern. His bad conduct, like Mr. Ramsay’s, is inspired by his need for support.

William Bankes – A botanist and old companion of the Ramsays who continues to be on the Region of Skye. Bankes is a type and calm man whom Mrs. Ramsay desires will get married to Lily Briscoe. Although he never marries her, Bankes and Lily stay acquaintances.

Augustus Carmichael – An opium-using poet who trips the Ramsays on the Region of Skye. Carmichael languishes in fictional obscurity until his passage becomes well-known during the war.

Andrew Ramsay – The most well-known of the Ramsays’ kids. Phil is a qualified, separate youthful man, and he looks ahead to a profession as a math wizard.

Jasper Ramsay – One of the Ramsays’ kids. Jasper, to his woman’s chagrin, loves capturing wild birds.

Roger Ramsay – One of the Ramsays’ kids. Mark is outrageous and daring, like his sis Nancy.

Prue Ramsay – The most well-known Ramsay young woman, an amazing youthful woman. Mrs. Ramsay pleasures in thinking about Prue’s wedding, which she considers will be relaxing.

Rose Ramsay – One of the Ramsays’ kids. Increased has a capability to create elements amazing. She sets up the fruit for her woman’s celebration and choices out her woman’s bracelets.

Nancy Ramsay – One of the Ramsays’ kids. Nancy comes with John Rayley and Minta Doyle on their journey to the seaside. Like her sibling Mark, she is an outrageous explorer.

Cam Ramsay – One of the Ramsays’ kids. As a little girl, Cam is naughty. She sails with Wayne and Mr. Ramsay to the lighthouse in  last chapter of novel To the Lighthouse.

To the Lighthouse Other Characters

Mrs. McNab – An seniors woman who covers the Ramsays’ house on the Region of Skye, reestablishing it after ten decades of desertion during and after World-War I.

Macalister – The anglers who comes with the Ramsays to the lighthouse. Macalister associates testimonies of shipwreck and historic experience to Mr. Ramsay and enhances Wayne on his managing of the vessel while Wayne areas it at the lighthouse.

Macalister’s boy – The fisherman’s boy. He lines Wayne, Cam, and Mr. Ramsay to the lighthouse.

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