Why can’t you understand me?

A married man was ready for office. Zack is a business man. He is a busy person; he is very much involved in his business. Even ignore his lovely wife. Allen is well-educated and well-mannered. She takes better care of house. She wanted to have some attention and response of her husband but he neglected her every time. Zack knows well that she depends on him and she loves him a lot. He has no time to utter a single word for express his love to her. Actually that was love marriage of them. Today also he is eager to go office as daily routine. But today after his she thinking about her painful life and recalls her mind to the past. Alen think about the great memories which they spent lovely time with each other.

Today she remembers how she met him first time. One evening Alen was standing on path waiting for bus. But bus was late due to heavy rain. Therefore she can’t go her way that time. At that moment she looks a descent boy who was starring her, may be from a long time. Zack attracts by her “Misty eyes”. And she looks in his intoxicated eyes and she also attracted. She thinks that intoxicated eyes she has never seen before. Actually these intoxicated eyes were the reflection of her eyes that effected first time in his eyes. They were starring each other with deep love. Unconsciously he comes close to her and she feel obsessive……

Alen came into reality with the voice of doorbell. She run towards the door thinking that might be her husband was there…the servant was on the door. She became sad….she asked servant to go back because she was upset that time. She was alone at home. She decided to make special lunch for her husband. She began prepare her husband’s favorite dishes…After making, she began waiting for Zack. When Zack came in evening, she invited him for dinner on the table. But he refuse her to say that he want to go outside for dinner. She insists him a lot but he said that

 “You can’t understand me yet…!”

Allen became so sad and walks with him to outside. When they entered to Hotel for dinner, most of the people began starring to pretty girl. In fact, she really looks so beautiful there. To see that her husband go back. When they reached home then her husband said to her

“I know….you can’t love me ever”

This line shows his thinking towards his wife.

To see that situation he recalls his mind a painful day of his life…..when Zack asked her

“I Love your eyes and attracted me a lot from the very first day of their co-incidentally interaction. So….!!

“Do you love me??…….Alen”

In the answer she didn’t utter a single word…Actually she did so just because of shyness but he assumes that she doesn’t like him with the core of heart. He wants some response from her side but she ignored due to shyness. This incident creates pain in his mind and heart because he still thinks…She doesn’t love him”.

That’s why he ignored her every time and she wants some response from his side. Therefore, He has a lot of complaints from his wife and she also has a lot of complaints from her husband.

The Next day, Zack went office as usual to neglect his wife’s smile. Today she decided to leave her husband. When her husband came to home in evening. She told him about her decision to leave him forever….

Her husband became shocked to hear that……..!!!

Firstly he considered it is a serious joke but later realizes that she speaks truth. She was ready to leave him. But she still loves her husband a lot. She was facing a lot of neglection  from her husband still from the very first day of their marriage.

Now she was ready to leave house forever….there is tears in her eyes. When she looks at her husband…there are also a lot of tears in which beautiful eyes that she loves most from a very first sight. Zack was crying and wanted to stop her with the

Saying that

“Don’t leave me, I don’t be ignore you again…..I love you very must from very first sight…But she made a decision to leave….And says to him “If you have some spare time then call me to ask come back but now am going from here”

He starring to his wife with tears, she considered as it is temporary.

When Allen moved towards the door, then her servant ask to her “you shouldn’t leave your husband and give him a chance”

In the answer, she said to her servant that

“If my husband loved me then he should finish his life and stop me”

Actually, there was just a dialogue that she spoke in front of servant ……..but her husband take it seriously…When she finished her dialogue she heard a voice of shoots of pistol.

When she run upstairs to her husband Zack….She became shocked to see her husband who was smiling and saying that……

“Today I knew that you really loves me a lot therefore you can’t lose me at any cost and you want to live with me here”

To hear that she began crying….hug him and kissed……..then she decides don’t leave him forever…………..




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