“Wuthering Heights” love and passion, hate and violence

At the beginning of the book we meet Mr Lockwood but soon we realize that he is not one of the main characters. The important things begun thirty years before his visit in Wuthering Hights and the most interesting people from that time are Heathcliff and Cathrine Earnshaw. A reader first get to know them when the are about six years old. Heathcliff is just a boy that Mr Earnshaw found on the street. Cathrine”s brother, Hindley, did not like that at all, he felt that this boy would take away his father”s love. He was not wrong about this, the two boys hated eachother. The story was different when it comes to Cathrine. She liked Heathcliff a lot and soon they become inseparable. For them every minute alone was like a nightmare. They spent long hours running on the moors and they were closest friend. As they grew older, this friendship transformed into love. It was not easy for them with Hindley hating Heathcliff so much and Edgar, their neighbour, that fell in love with Cathrine. The girl knew that although she loved Heathcliff so much it would not be appropriate for her to marry him. She struggled with herself. Heathcliff loved Cathrine as much as she loved him. He could not imagine his live without her. When she decided to marry Edgar he run away and disappeared. When he came back after few years their love was still very strong and very emaciating. When we look at Cathrine”s and Heathcliff”s love it seems true that love is a mental disease. They acted in a strange way, like they loved and hated each other at one time. In one minute they were talking calmly, in another they were arguing and accusing each other of being heartless. It was truly passionate love. When Cathrine died after giving birth to her daughter, Heathcliff could not deal with her absence on this world and cursed her for leaving him alone. He would rather die too or be haunted by her ghost. Cathrine”s and Edgar”s daughter was named after her mother – Cathrine. She was usually called Cathy and she was completely different from her when it comes to character but very similar when it comes to external appearance. She lived with his father in Thrushcross Grange unaware of Heathcliff living so near her. She had a peaceful life but one day it occured that her cousin Linton would live with them. Linton, son of Edgar”s sister Isabella and Heathcliff, was to live in Thrushcross Grange after his mother death. Unfortunately, his father wanted to have him in his house, he used him to gain control of Thrushcross Grange. One day young Cathy met Heathcliff in person and she visited Wuthernig Heights. She met her cousin Linton and she also got to know her another cousin Hareton – son of Hindley. Heathcliff was a crafty person and he knew that marriage between Linton and Cathy would give him profit and after Linton”s death he would be the owner of both mansions. It is interesting how from a boy full of love and passion he transformed into a cruel man without a twinge of conscience. At first, Cathrine liked Linton a lot, she thought she was in love with him. They exchanged some love letters and he wanted her to visit him as often as it is possible. He could not visit her because he was both physically and mentally weak. Cathy did not know that the letters were dictated by Heathcliff and Linton was only doing what he was ordered to do. The only person the boy liked was himself but he was afraid to disobey his father. One day when Cathy came to Wuthering Hights she was forced to stay there and marry Linton. It was awful for her because her father was very ill at that time and he was dying. Cathy married Linton and went to see her father as soon as possible. She got home in time to say goodbye to him. Than she had to go back to her new husband. Linton was also very ill and he died soon after marriage. Cathy was the only person that cared about him in his last days. His own father show no interest in him, after the marriage Linton was completely useless for Hithcliff. Cathrine fet anger and hatred for every person living in Withering Heights. She felt lonely and cheated. Surprisingly, her cousin Hareton occurred to be her friend and she found some peace in their friendship. She learnt him to read and she found a new companion. Heathcliff at first was against this relationship but he was haunted by Cathrine”s ghost and soon he did not care about anything. He died alone, looking for relief in Cathrine”s cold arms. He payed the grave-digger to put his and hers coffin together. Hithcliff and Cathrine could be together once and for all.

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